Why use Solar Water Heating System

Here are a few really good reasons to answer the question ‘why use solar water heating system’! It’s economical, environmentally friendly, and an investment which, aside from offering immediate savings (even while you’re in the payback period!), is going to make you smile at the long term returns you can look forward to!

Why use solar water heating system?

Quite simple really, aside from the technical details; Eskom can never again interfere with your hot water supply; no matter how many times they find reasons for load shedding!

How does a solar water heating system work?

To get the real answers to this question you’d be better served by the experts at Renaissance Solar, who will take the technical language and break it down into language you’re able to understand, without having to stretch your brain too much.

For that reason, let’s keep it as simple as possible here, just to give you the gist of how solar heating systems work. The system starts with solar panels mounted on your roof, which contains tubes filled with water and connected via an inlet and outlet tube to the holding tank, which becomes your supply of hot water on tap.

Even cloudy weather isn’t going to rob you of hot water throughout the year, but, if you do want to add electrical back-up to the system, chat to the team at Renaissance Solar and they’ll work out the right option for you.

Different types of solar water heating systems

There are various types of solar water heating systems on offer from Renaissance Solar, so that whether you choose a direct solar water heating system or indirect system, you’ll be able to make an informed decision about which would suit your requirements best. 

The indirect solar water heating system

If you live in an area with ‘hard’ water, which is water that technically has a high content of dissolved minerals, as well as in an area where frost is prevalent in winter, this would be the best option for you.

An indirect solar water heating system consists of a heat exchange system that uses a heat transfer liquid to transfer the heat from the solar collector to the holding tank.

The direct solar water heating system

This is the ideal solar water heating system if you live in a mild climate that has water which has a low concentration of calcium carbonate as opposed to ‘hard’ water elsewhere.

The direct solar water heating system simply circulates the water directly between a storage tank and the collector itself.

Flat-plate solar collectors

With a cover made from toughened glass and an essential weather-resistant casing, as well as a coated metal absorber plate designed for durability, flat-plate collectors supplied and installed by Renaissance Solar are an affordable and tough option.

Evacuated tube solar collectors

Yep, it’s all sounding a little too technical here, but that’s what the friendly team of experts at Renaissance Solar are there for! They translate the technical terms, bits and parts of solar water heating systems, into a language that us solar dummies struggle with, but let’s thunder on…

Evacuated tube collectors are fundamentally made up of a network of tubes, which are able to generate more hot water even in the coldest conditions. The only drawback with evacuated tube collectors is that they can crack because they don’t have the same weather-resistant casing.

Many more questions on your mind already?

Although solar water heating systems are relatively simple, in terms of the fact that the system consists of only a geyser and a panel, if you want to get the most for your investment, list your questions and give the team at Renaissance Solar a call today to start changing your tomorrows!

Renaissance Solar has been supplying and installing SABS quality high and low pressure solar hot water systems in Cape Town since 2009.

With this team on your side, you’ll be starting a real adventure into freedom from high electricity tariffs and a grid supply that’s unstable, to say the least!

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