Looking for the top Solar Geyser Installers in Cape Town?

The bottom line is that solar water heating systems are cost effective, especially due to the constant increase in Eskom tariffs, which you simply can’t evade, and, it is one of the driving forces behind the increased drive to invest in renewable energy!

As long as the sun is still where it should be, there is no doubt that if you have a solar energy system, no matter what type of system you choose, you will own your power after a relatively short payback period, which is just the type of investment that will line your pockets with extra cash by the time the payback period is over.

Components that make up Solar Water Heating Systems 

Should you be looking at investing in a solar water heating system, you need to remember that this system will not be generating any energy for you to use as a backup for when there is load shedding. 

The installation of a solar heating system will involve components such as solar collectors, which are made up of pipes that contain a different type of transfer fluid, which in turn, will depend on the type of climate it is to be used in.

This solution is what turns solar energy collected from your solar panels into hot the hot water we all prefer to the cold water we suffer during blackouts!

Next in line in terms of solar water heating systems is the heat exchanger, which moves the transfer liquid directly into your solar geyser. Next up is the storage tank , which is where the hot water you don’t use will be stored.

A Solar Geyser is supremely cost effective!

With the investment into solar geysers you are looking at the most cost effective way of heating water, and, you’ll be saving between 40 and 50% on your electricity bill, which is great news for anyone battling with a budget that is being squeezed by Eskom!

If you want quality, contact the best solar installers in Cape Town!

When you’ve finally decided you’d like to explore more about solar energy and quality solar products you need to make sure you can trust the company you will be chatting to about this investment, and, you’ll be choosing the very best solar installers in Cape Town, in South Africa, when you call on Renaissance Solar with all your plans, budget and questions!

This is a passionate team that will take terms and products such as a flat plate collector, a solar geyser, evacuated tube solar collector and any other component that can get you started with getting you as far off the grid as possible, by turning to renewable energy. This passionate team will be more than willing to assist you in making sense of all the terms that seem to be so mystifying to us mere mortals in order to empower you to make informed decisions!

Renaissance Solar is the solar company you can rely on to supply quality solar water heating systems, 3 types of PV Systems; Grid Tie, Hybrid, and their Load-shedding PV system.

The Load-shedding PV system is perfect for you if your budget can’t be stretched too far, since it doesn’t involve solar panels, but only the inverter and battery. This is a highly cost effective way for you to start the journey to full solar energy, and it’ll get you safely through load-shedding, which we know can hit us at any time!

Contact Renaissance Solar today!

Make the most of the knowledge, experience and integrity that the team at Renaissance Solar bring to the industry by contacting the team today, to discuss what it’ll take for you to begin the journey to the best solar system to suit your energy needs!

No matter how you start, you’ll be starting with the best in the solar industry, and, they’ll always be around to help you upgrade to get you further and further from reliance on a grid that simply can’t be relied on!


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