Supply and installation of Solar Hot Water Systems, Solar Panels and Inverters, Heat Pumps for Residential and Commercial Applications, and Pool Heat Pumps.

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Just had Gary and his team complete an installation of a 200lt Xstream thermosyphon geyser at my home in Obs. I cannot express how well it went and the gratitude I have. Unbelievably professional and friendly. I can’t say I have ever had the pleasure of dealing with such a great crew before, including Jill who processed the order and job. Thank you so much for what you did here. I will, without fail, recommend your services to anyone and everyone who requires solar heating. You guys are real pro’s. Superb – Bruce

solar panels on roof

Solar Hot Water Systems

Each system consists of a geyser and a panel.  The geyser capacity is determined by the number of people in the household, and the size or combination of panels is determined by the surface area to…

solar panels on roof

Photovoltaic Systems

If you own a rooftop whether it be residential or commercial you can benefit from a Solar PV solution. Our installing partners have delivered the largest number of installed solar PV commercial projects in South Africa…

Sunsmart unit

Heat Pumps

If you are exploring options to heat your water and  reduce your energy bills, you might want to consider a heat pump system. Heat pumps are a proven and reliable technology, capable of providing hot water quickly and efficiently. Combined with PV solar panels, a heat pump is also a great way to  quickly and effectivly heat your pool or jacuzzi.


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5kW Load-Shedding Backup System fully Installed from  R60,000 Ex Vat.

5kW Hybrid  Solar System fully  installed  from R110,000 Ex Vat.

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