PV Solar Efficiency?

As with everything else in our technology-driven world, huge advances in the sphere of PV (Photovoltaic) technology has increased the conversion efficiency of PV solar panels by leaps and bounds, which leaves us with the question; PV solar efficiency?

We obviously want PV solar to be efficient, since it’s one of the greatest hopes for most South Africans, living with a beleaguered electricity grid, to be free from its consistently unstable performance and endless rounds of load shedding, for which there is seldom any warning.

Add to this the exorbitant cost of merely heating water, keeping appliances running and keeping the lights on and we’ve about hit ground zero when it comes to deciding to cut ties with Eskom, at least as much as our budgets will allow!

PV solar efficiency?

Considering that buying a PV solar system isn’t cheap, we naturally want to know that finding the funds to make the investment will be worth it, which goes to the question of the efficiency of PV solar.

Bottom line, PV solar panel efficiency is based on the amount of sunlight that shines onto the panel and is then converted into electricity, a conversion efficiency that has reached an average of pretty well over 20%, according to most experts.

What this means, in essence, is that the power rating considered of a standard size PV solar panel has increased from what used to be 250W, to 370W and more today.

PV solar panel efficiency factors to take into account

There are two main factors to take into account when determining the efficiency of PV solar, which are:

Photovoltaic (PV) cell efficiency

The type of silicone used and design of the individual photovoltaic cell contributes to its efficiency, such as whether either a P-type or N-type of silicone is used. The cell efficiency is also determined by the type of substrate used and the actual photovoltaic cell structure, with its efficiency calculated by a very technical term called the fill factor (FF), which gives you what will be the maximum conversion rate of sunlight to electricity.

This is all about calculating the optimum operating voltage and current that can be expected of the cell itself.

PV solar panel efficiency

The efficiency of a complete PV solar panel is determined by the layout and configuration of the photovoltaic cells, as well as by the size of the panel itself.

There is a lot more attached to understanding PV solar efficiency, but the best way to get to grips with questions as complicated as these would be to chat to the solar experts at Renaissance Solar.

This is their bailiwick, and the passion that drives their commitment to excellence and quality solar products, will assure you of a clear understanding of the principles behind PV solar efficiency, before you even get to designing the ideal PV solar system for your home or business.

Choose Renaissance Solar for top PV solar efficiency!

Quality products and workmanship, along with a sheer dedication for meeting the needs of their customers from start to finish, and beyond, is your guarantee from Renaissance Solar of an investment in a PV solar system that works efficiently, and will meet all your solar energy requirements!

Whether you dream of going completely off the grid, plan to buy a Hybrid PV solar system or Grid Tie solar system, if you live in Cape Town, then Renaissance Solar is the team to trust with your foray into the world of solar energy!


PV Solar Definition?

Before we get into definitions, let’s look at a bit of inspiration when it comes to considering PV solar as an alternative energy source, compared to that of the expensive and unstable grid we’ve been forced to come to terms with in South Africa.

What you need in terms of getting the highest efficiency out of PV solar panels is at least 4 hours of peak sunlight, and nothing is easier to achieve than that in our beautiful country, where we average between 4.1 and 6.3 peak sun hours a day!

Of course, you’ll have a little more or a little less depending on where you’re situated in the country, but, nothing takes away from the fact that South Africa’s resources for solar energy is one of the highest in the world.

Nothing is perfect, and yes, your PV solar panels will produce less energy on cloudy days than on sunny, however, based on the reality of the figures above, you’ll have a reliable source of free electricity throughout the year, based purely on the energy of the sun!

By the way, Europe is way ahead of us in terms of reliance on solar energy, yet they experience, in comparison to our annual solar radiation average of 220 W/m2, only 100 W/m2!

Still want the PV solar definition? Well, let’s see how simplified we can get in our approach to this question, so that we leave the real nitty-gritty to the experts at Renaissance Solar!

PV Solar definition?

The term PV stands for photovoltaic, which is a fancy word for what happens when sunlight (photo = light) is converted into electricity (volt). 

A single PV cell is very small, and on its own would only be able to produce a measly 1 or 2 watts of power, however, when many of these single PV cells are connected together in strings or chains, they then become the solar panels we see on the roofs of homes and businesses.

This connecting of strings or chains of the PV cells is what is designed to boost the power output of the PV solar panel.

These Photovoltaic cells are constructed of a variety of very thin semiconductor materials, with silicone being the most commonly used type of material.

On their own, these cells would never be able to withstand all that mother nature has to throw at them year in and year out, especially when you consider that a quality PV solar panel has a lifespan of upwards of 25 years, which is why they are kept safe in a sandwich of either glass or plastic, or a combination of both.

Once you’ve installed more than one PV solar panel, you’ll have the beginnings of a PV solar panel array, and depending on what you want out of your PV solar system, the more you have, the more solar energy you’ll be able to rely on.

In terms of designing a PV solar system that can meet with any level of electricity requirement, whether large or small, the sky is the limit, but, PV solar panels are simply one part of what will form a complete PV solar system.

Make PV solar simple with Renaissance Solar!

Let the seasoned team of solar experts at Renaissance Solar in Cape Town simplify your solar experience with their knowledge, which has come from supplying and installing quality PV solar systems in Cape Town since 2009.

Contact this team with your questions, hopes, dreams and budget for a future free from high electricity tariffs and a grid that cannot be relied on, and they’ll do all that’s possible to meet it all head on, and with integrity!


PV Solar Cost?

Although attitudes are fast changing towards investing in PV solar systems, in light of ever-increasing electricity tariffs, the knee-jerk response for many, at first, is to ask the question; PV solar cost?

This is totally understandable in an economy that has the average South African tightening belts to a constricting level, leaving little room for saving, and the cutting down on many things that are now considered a luxury.

For instance, a holiday or even a weekend away has become more of a luxury than ever before for many, but that’s something we can all find a way to come to terms with and find ways around, if we have to.

What we can’t come to terms with or find ways around is our reliance on electricity, which at current prices and predicted escalations is on the fast track towards becoming a luxury, no longer a basic human right.

In South Africa we have been forced to live with and accept regular rounds of load shedding and the attendant losses that ultimately affect all of us, whether as a result of having food spoil in freezers, or paying an even higher price at the supermarket due to the increased cost of keeping the power on.

There is only one way to change this scenario and begin to live with a source of energy we can rely on, and that’s to set aside preconceived ideas about the cost of PV solar systems and start looking at the facts.

PV solar cost?

Finding out what a PV solar system will cost you isn’t a thumb suck; it’s very much about looking at the size and type of system that will meet your energy requirements, which will obviously vary from home to home and business to business.

Where to start with collecting the facts about the cost of PV solar systems in Cape Town would be at Renaissance Solar. Why this solar company though? 

Well, they’ve been in the solar industry since 2009, giving them the level of local experience necessary to supply and install quality PV solar systems in the unique climate experienced only in Cape Town.

Renaissance Solar customers rave about them, as you can see for yourself from testimonials, and the passion this team has for service excellence, along with an attention to detail which has made them a trusted name to be relied on in the industry.

PV solar choices from Renaissance Solar

The fundamentals of what a PV solar system will cost you begins with your choice of system, and how the team at Renaissance Solar will work with you to lay the groundwork for an efficient system to accomplish all you want it to, whether it’s just to keep the lights on and freezers going during load shedding, or whether you want the system to be your main source of electricity.

The choices of PV systems at Renaissance Solar range from designing the ideal Hybrid PV solar system to a Grid Tie PV solar system, whichever suits what you require of the system. 

If you’re not ready for a major step, there’s also the option of the Load-shedding PV system, which is the least expensive option to start with, but which comes without a PV panel.

Keeping the costs of PV solar low!

In terms of PV solar costs, you can rely on Renaissance Solar to maintain their commitment to keeping their prices low, working to create PV solar systems that will honour your budget, and still give you room to grow your system in the future.

Set your mind at ease by contacting the friendly team at Renaissance Solar to get a handle on the facts surrounding the type of PV solar system that would suit your requirements, and what kind of costs you may be looking at.

This will give you the solid foundation you need in order to be able to make an informed decision about cutting ties with Eskom and relying on the sun to keep the lights on!

These are people who love what they do and are more than willing to share their knowledge and experience, to make a difference in the lives of those they introduce to the freedom and security that comes from investing in solar energy.


PV in Solar Meaning?

Want to get a grip on the basics of PV in solar meaning? This is generally where most of us go when we get to the point of seriously considering a move to solar energy, and begin facing some of the most common terminology attached to taking that first step.

With two major types of solar technology dominating the scene, mainly that of photovoltaic (PV) and of solar thermal technology, it is mainly photovoltaic solar technology that makes up what you see on rooftops today, powering both homes and businesses.

PV in solar meaning

At its most basic, solar photovoltaic is a perfectly designed technology that allows for electricity to be produced directly from the sun, without the use of any moving parts.

The origin of the term photovoltaics is from the Greek word ‘phōs’, which means light, and the word volt, named by physicist Alessandro Volta, who invented the first electric battery in the mid-1700’s.

We’ve come a long way since then, no doubt, and with the advent of photovoltaic solar technology, the world of energy production from the sun has catapulted mankind into choosing solar energy as the best source of free energy available today.

The makeup of a PV solar panel

Single Photovoltaic cells are very small and on their own wouldn’t be much use, however, when these small cells are connected (or strung) together, they become the very efficient PV solar panels we see on rooftops today.

PV cells are most commonly made of silicone because of its semiconducting properties, and when the sun shines directly on these cells in the solar panel, an electric field is created, from which you’re able to receive a reliable, stable source of electricity for your home.

Although a strong sun is the ideal in terms of getting the most out of PV solar panels, they are still able to produce sufficient electricity even in cloudy weather.

Technically speaking, strings of the small solar cells are created under glass in order to form photovoltaic modules, which is simply what a PV solar panel is in its complete form.

Mounted on existing rooftops, these PV solar panels are designed to last up to and beyond 25 to 30 years, making them one of the best investments in terms of assuring yourself of a guaranteed, phenomenal ROI.

Maintenance-free PV solar panels

If you’re ready to seriously consider investing in a PV solar system, then it’s time to speak to the passionate experts at Renaissance Solar in Cape Town.

With local professionals like this on your side, you can count on quality PV solar panels that will not require any maintenance, other than giving them a clean every now and then, which is seldom necessary in a high rainfall area like Cape Town.

The team at Renaissance Solar will always be available to you, before, during and after the installation of your PV solar system, ready to assist you with keeping your system operating at maximum efficiency.

Ultimately, like most of us who simply want to be rid of our reliance on an extremely expensive, unstable and unreliable power grid that often plunges us into darkness, all we want is to know that the move to solar energy will keep the lights on and the water hot.

In this case, the technicalities of what PV in solar means loses its importance, especially when you get to deal with a down-to-earth, people and quality-oriented team at Renaissance Solar.

Trust, quality and affordable PV solar systems are the basis of the success enjoyed by Renaissance Solar, so expect the best when you contact this team with any questions about moving to solar energy!


Solar PV Installers Near Me?


If the latest round of load shedding and the April 1st Eskom tariff increase has finally done it for you, and you’re ready to take solar power seriously, you may be asking the question; solar PV installers near me?

If you live in Cape Town and are looking for solar PV installers you can trust with your move to solar power, you’ll find that Renaissance Solar will more than meet your requirements.

Having started out in 2009 with a commitment to offering affordable solar hot water systems, this team of solar experts easily moved into supplying and installing solar PV systems, each designed to meet the individual energy requirements of customers.

Renaissance Solar installing partners have, to date, delivered the largest number of solar PV commercial projects in South Africa, giving them the experience and knowledge necessary to make your investment in a solar PV system give you all that you expect of it.

Solar PV installers near me?

With their own highly qualified team of installers available to handle smaller commercial and residential solar PV installations, Renaissance Solar is able to offer a variety of financial offerings to meet with your budget.

If you live in Cape Town, anywhere from Bantry Bay to Bloubergstrand, Camps Bay to Gordon’s Bay, Noordhoek to Stellenbosch and everywhere in-between, Renaissance Solar will be on your doorstep to deliver service excellence.

This service excellence you can look forward to is very clear from customer testimonials, which is always a good place to start when you’re looking for a company you can trust with the investment in solar power!

It’s inspirational that a company with so many years in the solar industry has built and maintained this fantastic reputation, which only comes from this kind of real-life feedback from customers.  

Grid Tie, Off Grid or Hybrid Solar PV system?

Installing a Hybrid solar PV system or Grid Tie solar PV system will involve being attached to the grid to some extent, whereas the Off Grid solar PV system means that you’ll be completely independent of the grid.

Depending on how far off the grid you want to go, Renaissance Solar will work with you to design the perfect solar PV system to suit your energy requirements, using the very latest in solar power solutions on the market.

Another electricity tariff hike…and more to come!

As of the first of April 2022, the price of electricity went from around R1.33 per kWh to around R1.46 per kWh, an increase that is separate from a proposed July increase of 7.47%, which will apply to municipal customers, according to an article in Business Tech on the 4th of April.

In addition to this, and in a severely belaboured economy, Eskom has already pushed for a 20.5% tariff increase for the 2023 financial year, an increase that has come with the warning ‘that the hike is necessary for the continuation of Eskom’s operations’! 

There is an inherent threat in this short sentence, a threat serious enough to make you do whatever is necessary to invest in a solar PV system sooner rather than later!

Contact Renaissance Solar today to find out more about what this friendly, down-to-earth team can do to make your move to solar power a lot easier than you may think!


Solar PV for Water Heating?

If you’re in the market to invest in solar power and are tired of paying a fortune just to have hot water on tap, you may be wondering whether or not to start with a solar water heating system, or whether to invest in a PV solar system to heat your water as well as keep appliances running, in which case you’re probably debating the question; solar PV for water heating?

More and more South Africans are making the move to solar power, with a vast majority of them starting out with a solar water heating system, but there’s one step better, to heat water and keep the lights on, and that’s through buying a solar PV system to do it all!

With an average of around 2500 hours of sunshine per year in South Africa, we should have solar panels fitted to every roof possible, since we are so well positioned geographically to reap the benefits of solar power.

With the last round of load shedding currently on the go, we are all once again feeling the detrimental effects of being left in the dark and without hot water. 

We never know how long the electricity will be off, which means that a full freezer can defrost to the extent that the contents all have to be discarded; just another expensive downside to load shedding.

When you take this into account along with the high price we pay for electricity, it’s definitely time to take the leap and invest in a solar PV system to survive an unstable grid.

Solar PV for water heating?

If you’re lucky enough to live in and around Cape Town, then Renaissance Solar is the team to turn to when it comes to choosing the right solar PV system and solar geyser that’ll keep you in hot water, even when the grid goes down.

With this team of solar experts, irrespective of whether you settle on a Hybrid, Grid Tie or Off Grid Solar PV system, you’ll find that meeting your hot water requirements from the sun’s energy will be quite straightforward and simple.

Renaissance Solar is passionate about offering customer’s service excellence along with high quality SABS-approved solar products, all of which comes at great prices. 

After many years in the solar industry, along with seeing the benefits reaped by their customers from solar power, this team is committed to helping every family and business break the chains that bind us to Eskom, free to bask in the abundant sunshine that makes South Africa ideal for solar power.

How do solar PV panels heat water?

A solar PV panel is made up of strings of photovoltaic cells which covert sunlight into electricity, giving you a renewable and green option for heating water and powering your home or business.

The team at Renaissance Solar will guide you to the most efficient PV solar solution to meet your hot water requirements, and unless you happen to be a solar expert yourself, this is guidance that will give you the power to make an informed decision about your investment in solar power.

While you’re still wondering about which way to go in order to secure your hot water supply, contact the friendly, down-to-earth team at Renaissance Solar for more information about solar water heating!

No matter what your budget is or how many questions you have lined up for this team, you’ll find them more than willing to go to bat for you in order to get you hooked up to the power of the sun!


PV Solar Panels Pros and Cons?

The inconvenience and resultant losses incurred by South Africans during Eskom load shedding has led to an increased move towards solar energy, and if yours is a roof that doesn’t yet sport PV solar panels, you’re probably asking the question; PV solar panels pros and cons?

No matter how you look at it, there isn’t a better long term investment you could make today than solar power as a renewable, sustainable and reliable source of power independent from an unstable grid.

The huge financial impact brought about by yet another increase in electricity tariffs on 1st April 2022, along with the current round of load shedding, is being felt in every business and every family. No one is immune to the effects of this combined weight on our finances and quality of life.

The only way around this financial burden is to cut your reliance on Eskom as much as is possible, an independence that is only possible by installing PV solar panels, whether to heat water or to keep the lights on and appliances running as they should.

PV solar panels pros and cons?

Let’s start by looking at the cons of solar power and PV solar panels in general:

The initial outlay is a major step

The initial outlay is a major financial step for most people who don’t have ready cash lying around, however, PV solar panels have to be viewed as a long term investment, which comes with a quality product that is designed to last 25 years and more.

You can also start relatively small, such as using your PV solar system purely as a backup you can rely on when load shedding comes around, and from there you can expand the system as your budget allows.

If you choose to work with Renaissance Solar in Cape Town, you’ll find that this team is committed to offering solar water heating systems, Hybrid, Grid Tie and Off Grid solar PV systems, at affordable prices for exceptional quality.

This team works hard to make your budget meet with your solar requirements, with a variety of financial offerings available as well, to make buying a solar PV system that much easier for you.

Solar power depends on the weather

Naturally, because a PV solar system needs the energy from the sun to generate power, cloudy and rainy days will place some limitations on the system. Despite this, even then, there is still energy to be harvested from the sun, which is also where solar batteries come into play, storing energy for the night-time and cold winter months.

You need space for PV solar panels

The best place for PV solar panels is on the roof of your home or business, and since PV solar panels are quite large, if you don’t have the space on your roof for the solar PV system you want, the team at Renaissance Solar will find the best solution for mounting the solar panels in your yard or elsewhere on your property.

The pros of solar panels and solar PV systems

Solar energy is cost-effective in the long term

Irrespective of whether you’ll opt to rely on PV solar panels completely or merely as back-up power, you will realise the long-term cost-effectiveness of solar power before too long. 

The size of your savings will depend on the size of your PV solar system, but save you will, especially in light of extremely high electricity tariffs that are just going to keep increasing.

PV solar systems are low-maintenance

With few moving parts, a PV solar system offers you fantastic returns with very little in terms of maintenance. At most, you may need to clean the solar panels a few times a year, but that’ll be about it.

You can also look forward to superb backup service from the team at Renaissance Solar, along with the guarantees and warranties that come with their SABS-approved PV solar panels.

Solar power equals the sustainable energy option

With the amount of sunshine in South Africa, solar power is the choice to make if you’re looking at a sustainable energy option today. Testimony to this is the increase in solar panels installed every day in Cape Town!

Contact Renaissance Solar today to find out more about the advantages of a PV solar system or high quality affordable solar water heating systems!



Can I Install Solar PV Myself?

In general, homeowners and business owners in the market for a solar PV system will source the system from trusted solar companies, with a reputation for quality solar products and expert workmanship, such as Renaissance Solar.

Perhaps you’ve reached the end of your financial tether with the latest tariff hike from Eskom, which came just before this last round of load shedding hit us all, and are asking; can I install solar PV myself?

You can, of course, source everything you need to carry out a DIY solar installation, however, there are a few pitfalls to be aware of before taking a step as drastic as this, especially if you aren’t actually qualified to carry out the planning and installation yourself. 

You may think that you’ll be saving on labour by installing the solar PV system yourself, however, you won’t have the peace of mind that comes from working with a professional solar PV system installer.

Can I install solar PV myself?

Since planning and installing a solar PV system takes technical knowledge and skill, this is a project best left to the professionals. By choosing Renaissance Solar for your solar installation, you get a lot more than the installation into the bargain.

With experience and knowledge gained through carrying out the installation of solar PV systems in Cape Town since 2009, this is the team you want on your side when the planning stage of your solar system begins.

In order to get the most out of your budget and system, Renaissance Solar will sit with you to work out the most comprehensive solar solution to meet your energy requirements.

This is a very important step in making sure that you invest in a solar PV system that will give you the returns and savings on electricity that you’re looking for, which is a basis you won’t have if you try to do it yourself. 

The benefits of trusting the professionals at Renaissance Solar with the installation of your solar PV system:

Planning a solar PV system

You’ll have quite a few decisions that need to be made when it comes to finding just the right solar PV system to meet the energy requirements of your home or business, and it’s here that the expertise of the team at Renaissance Solar is essential.

Sound advice

You’ll have all the answers you need when it comes to making an informed decision about the right solar system for your residential or commercial property, which offers a peace of mind you deserve about a major investment like this.

Quality products

Renaissance Solar is committed to offering customers quality, SABS-approved solar products, which includes everything from solar geysers to solar PV panels, which are guaranteed to last up to 25 years!

Warranties on these products are backed up by the expert workmanship you can expect from the highly trained in-house installation team at Renaissance Solar.

Service excellence

All you need to do to assure yourself of the exceptional reputation earned by the team at Renaissance Solar for service excellence, from the planning stages to installation and beyond, is to take the time to read customer testimonials!

These testimonials really speak to the sheer professionalism, expertise and friendliness experienced by customers who are already enjoying the benefits of a solar PV system installed by Renaissance Solar! 

The installation of your solar system will have an impact on whether or not suppliers will honour warranties on their products, especially if you’re doing it yourself.

There’s a lot more to choosing professionals such as Renaissance Solar to install your solar PV system, so before you try to install a solar PV system yourself, give this friendly team a call, for the best advice, service and prices!


What Is the Most Efficient Solar Panel?

At the outset, it needs to be said, that it’s not just the efficiency rating of a solar panel that makes for a good choice, it’s also important to take into account the power output rating, as well as the value of the panel.

In other words, when talking about the value of the solar panel, it’s about whether you choose good quality or choose cheap, low quality solar panels, which are easily available from the majority of the newest solar PV panel manufacturers today.

It’s understandable that you’re still asking the question; what is the most efficient solar panel? There’s a lot to answering this question, but, if you’re favoured enough to have met the team at Renaissance Solar in Cape Town, you’ll have down-to-earth, honest answers to this question… and any others you may have, which is rare in this fast-growing industry!

No matter how cheap it may be, a lesser quality of solar panel is, in the long run, going to cost you more than it would to invest in a quality solar panel that will outlast the cheaper one by many, many years, maintenance-free.

In comparison, and considering what top solar panel manufacturers put into research and development, as well as using production lines that are technologically advanced, you’ll have the best in terms of quality PV solar panels.

What is the most efficient solar panel?

Let’s ask another question here first; what is solar panel efficiency? What solar panel efficiency actually means is the measure of how much of the sunlight that is absorbed from the surface of the solar panel, is actually converted into usable electricity.

In general, and on average, most solar panels have an efficiency rate of between 15 to 20%, however, at the rate solar technology is advancing today, we could soon be looking at much higher numbers in the near future!

Other factors that affect the efficiency of solar panels

Very basically, the construction of the solar panel and the type of panel, along with various conditions outdoors, also play a role in how efficient a solar panel will be.

Solar panel efficiency tests are conducted in lab conditions, which, in real life, don’t convert to how your solar panels are going to behave on your roof in often less than idyllic conditions.

Some of these conditions include, but aren’t limited to:

How solar panel angles affects their efficiency

This is a very important factor in getting the most out of your solar panels, but, this will depend largely on where you live and what the pitch of your roof is like. 

However, it’s here that you can rely on the passionate team at Renaissance Solar to make sure your solar panels are angled perfectly, for maximum performance.

How temperature affects solar panel efficiency

According to an interesting article in sciencing.com, “Your solar panel performance is quoted for 25 degrees Celsius, and it decreases as temperature rises. Luckily, it increases again as the temperature falls. If you’re in a temperate region, the performance that you lose in the summer heat will be returned on cool, clear winter days. If that’s not enough consolation for you, you can also build your solar array to take advantage of the natural cooling effects of wind — channelling currents to carry heat away from your solar panels.”

Essentially, it’s a win-win for solar panels in Cape Town, with the generosity of mother nature and the Cape winds!

How shade affects solar panel efficiency

The best idea is to discuss the optimal position for your solar panels with the friendly team at Renaissance Solar, however, if there is too much shade from a tree or a neighbouring building interfering with solar panels, you won’t be getting the electricity from them that you could and should!

How weather affects solar panel efficiency

Here’s another of the multitude of reasons that make solar panels a must for Cape Town, with average peak sun hours ranging between 4.7 and 6.5 kWh/m2! The only place higher than this by a point is the Northern Cape!

According to energy.gov.za, South Africa enjoys more than 2 500 hours of sunshine per year, and average solar-radiation levels range between 4.5 and 6.5kWh/m2 in one day.

What this means is that for solar panels that operate superbly well do so on our bright, beautiful sunny South Africa, via direct sun and solar-radiation levels.

Find out more about the most efficient solar panels in Cape Town from Renaissance Solar!

Call the awesome team at Renaissance Solar today to get the real story behind the most efficient solar panel to invest in. With over a decade in the solar industry, this solar company has earned a reputation for high quality solar products and service excellence, on every level.

This and more, has earned the team at Renaissance Solar many, many fantastic testimonials from satisfied customers, which will give you the confidence to reach out to these professionals when you step into the future of solar power!


Is There Anything Better Than Solar Panels?

What was the question again? Oh yes, is there anything better than solar panels? Nope, simple and straightforward, at least not for the average homeowner or business owner!

There are other renewable energy resources of course, however, there are none that can offer the consistency of electricity that solar panels do, especially in sunny South Africa.

There’s wind energy, tidal energy, geothermal energy, biomass and biofuel or hydroelectric power, but how do you figure any of these working in your backyard?

At best, you could try a small windmill, that is if you have a consistent wind you can rely on daily to generate any electricity, but, nothing can beat the practicality or consistency of electricity generation that PV (Photovoltaic) solar panels offer.

Is there anything better than solar panels?

The only way that a homeowner can venture into the sphere of wind energy is if they live in a region that has a lot of wind and, if they have a very large piece of land on which to mount wind turbines.

There is only one little benefit that wind may have over solar, and that is that if the wind is blowing, you’ll be able to generate power 24 hours a day, whereas solar panels rely on the sun’s rays in order to generate electricity, and the sun does go down every day, no matter where you live.

If the wind is blowing 24 hours a day, you must be living in a tough spot, to say the least! Aside from this, the expense of maintaining all the moving parts that need tender-loving care, very frequently, to keep the energy coming, is seriously high!

It’s just so much easier and far less expensive to rely on PV solar panels in Cape Town, despite the sometimes brutal winds that buffet this coast.

Perhaps large-scale commercial businesses in the right areas can afford to build and maintain wind-farms on a bigger scale, but, for the average homeowner, it’s just not worth it.

Introducing Renaissance Solar in Cape Town!

Now that we’ve gotten a better handle on the lack of viability where it comes to other renewable energy resources as discussed above, let’s introduce you to one of the top, big-hearted solar companies in Cape Town.

This is Renaissance Solar, and many of their customers will be more than happy to tell you about what it’s like to work with true professionals, who put their money where their mouths are and are passionate about quality.

The team at Renaissance Solar will work with you to find the perfect solar solution to meet your energy requirements, of this you can be absolutely certain. 

You won’t be wasting your time with people like this who take service excellence to its highest level. They care for their customers from day 1, through the installation and long after installation too.

Whether you’re looking at starting with a high-quality, SABS-approved and locally produced solar hot water system, or, are more interested in moving further off our unstable grid, this team will tailor-make your solar solution, while taking great care of your budget.

Renaissance Solar supplies and installs Photovoltaic (PV) Systems, including Hybrid, Grid Tie or Off Grid systems in and around Cape Town and larger commercial PV systems nationally. 

Their stable reputation, gained in over a decade in the industry, has qualified this team to tackle any PV solar system, whether on a large commercial scale or on a residential level.

If you live anywhere from Bantry Bay to Durbanville, from Obs to Stellenbosch and Tableview, or anywhere in-between, you simply have to bring your dreams of owning a solar system to Renaissance Solar, if you want it done right, from start to finish and beyond!