How does a solar water heating system work?

Imagine a world in which you’re no longer reliant on ridiculously expensive electricity to enjoy hot water in your home or business…got the picture? Well, if homes and businesses in Europe can make it with solar water heating systems, then how much more can we get out of it in a country like South Africa?

You could easily be looking at a reduction of 40% on your current electricity bill, and, as you know well by now, whatever you’re paying for electricity this month is only temporary; tariffs will go up and there’s nothing we can do about it, except to do more than just think of investing in a solar water heating system!

Your first question is going to be;

How does a solar water heating system work?

You really do need knowledge and experience that relates to anything to do with solar energy in order to gather a smidgen of understanding in terms of how a solar water heating system works, and, on average, it’s only the experts that can translate technicalities into something we can understand.

Well; how does a solar water heating system work? Let’s look at the very basic parts of a solar water heating system to get a clearer idea of what it takes to harness the sun’s rays to heat our water.

At its simplest, each solar water heating system consists of a solar geyser and a panel, for a start.

In essence, there are 2 different types of collectors that are used in a solar water heating system, namely flat plate panels and evacuated tubes collectors.


The Panels

The flat plate panels will be installed on your north-facing roof, preferably in a position that isn’t blocked by other buildings or anything else that can get in the way of the sun’s rays. Flat plates are considered the simplest solution, and, if you’re looking at a product like SunScan Flat Plate panels, you’ll find that you have a choice of formats and sizes that range from 1.7m², 2m², 2.4m² to 3m². The size of the panel is determined by the size of your home or business and how much hot water you need to have on tap.


Evacuated Tube Collectors

Evacuated tubes are a little more sophisticated than flat plate collectors, which means that an evacuated tube system tends to be more expensive; however, there is good reason for this. These are used on west or east-facinbg roofs where thereis only a half day of sun.

For instance, the SunScan Evacuated tube SunSeeker range on offer from Renaissance Solar in Cape Town holds the promise of high performance and efficiency with less sun which makes the extra cost well worthwhile.

The Double Layer Insulation makes these evacuated tubes the best in their class, offering superior performance, which ultimately extends the lifespan of your system.

The Solar Geyser

The water that is heated via either a flat plate collector or evacuated tube system is what keeps the water hot in your solar geyser, though it’s a little more complicated than this, to say the least.

This is definitely where picking the experienced brains at Renaissance Solar is vital, from the outset of planning to install a solar water heating system!

As with most of the solar products on offer at Renaissance Solar in Cape Town, the solar geysers are all made locally, and this is another plus for saving on your budget. Xstream Fibreglass geysers are made in Paarl and Kwikot Superline Geysers are made in Gauteng.

Ultimately, the team at Renaissance Solar has maintained a commitment to keeping their prices low, while remaining dedicated to providing quality SABS approved solar products at these competitive prices.

Among the household brand names solar geysers on offer from this team you’ll find top of the line Xstream Geysers, Kwikot, GAP and Heat Tech, all of which are products Renaissance Solar has worked with for many years to date.

If you’re ready to find out more about what happens between the collectors and a solar geyser, contact the friendly experts at Renaissance Solar today.

If anyone can simplify the technicalities for those of us without experience or an extensive knowledge of solar products, this team will, with pleasure!

What are advantages of solar water heating?

We live with an unstable, erratic and increasingly expensive electricity dinosaur, to say the least, and, even if all you can do at this stage is to install a solar water heating system, it’s time to look at living off free energy, supplied in abundance by the sun in South Africa!

In 2019 we hit stage 6 Eskom load shedding, and, despite the jokes that were born out of that fiasco, there is a very real possibility that we could head that way again in 2021, especially in an economy that has been decimated by the Coronavirus pandemic.

There was always the probability that electricity could well become a luxury instead of a necessity, and, to all intents and purposes, with job losses and businesses closing down, we are now living in that reality.

More and more families and businesses are asking the same question every day; what are advantages of solar water heating?

What are advantages of solar water heating?

Installing a solar water heating system from Renaissance Solar in Cape Town is going to shave off 40% of your electricity bill, making a short payback period of between 2 to 3 years a worthwhile expense, considering what you’re currently paying, just to have hot water.

Save money & soak in free hot water!

We can all do with every cent we can save today, and, there can be no better savings effort than to invest in a quality solar water heating system now, and to head into a future free of Eskom.

Once the payback period of your solar water heating system is over, you’ll be enjoying the benefits of absolutely free hot water well into the foreseeable future.

Efficiency at its best!

There can be no doubt about the fact that heating your water directly from the rays of the sun is efficiency at its very best! Whether you’re investing in a solar water heating system for your home or business, you will be a winner from the day you start heating your water from the sun in a very sunny South Africa!

Say goodbye to fossil fuels & do your bit for the environment!

While you’re saving money by installing a solar water heating system, you’ll also be lightening the load on the environment, reducing your carbon footprint for the future of generations to come.


We can no longer ignore the fact that climate change is and has been happening for a long time now, and carbon emissions are one of the biggest culprits in placing massive strain on the environment.

Are you ready to make the most of solar energy?

There are only 12 solar hot water installation companies that are accredited by the City of Cape Town, and Renaissance Solar is one of the big 12, which is where your peace of mind starts.

This team will help you to make an informed decision about the best solar water heating system for your home or business, to ensure that your investment not only gives you great returns, but that it’ll far outweigh the initial cost of the installation.

Let the awesome team at Renaissance Solar lead you into future that promises free hot water for as long as the sun warms our beautiful shores in Cape Town!

How much does solar water heating cost?

The answer to this, in a nutshell, is…virtually nothing, compared to what you’re paying Eskom right now, never mind about the next lot of tariff hikes to come!

If you want absolute clarity about this question, then you’d be doing yourself a real favour by contacting Renaissance Solar  in Cape Town for solar water heating!  Being a fully transparent and trusted company, the prices we’ll look at here are on their website for all to see. 

There is no hidden agenda when you deal with these consummate professionals, in fact, they go out of their way to maintain low prices for SABS quality solar products, which is one of the secrets of success for this solar company that first opened its doors in 2009.

How much does solar water heating cost?

The things that will have an impact on the cost of solar water heating systems are as varied as system types are, whether an external or split system. 

It will also depend on installation specifics that include any existing reticulation and fittings, as well as the location of your new solar water heating system in relation to the existing piping.

The fact is, that whatever you spend on installing a solar water heating system will be worth every penny by the time you’ve paid it off, after which you’ll no longer get that sinking feeling in your stomach when your electricity bill arrives!

Though the initial cost of a solar water heating system may seem expensive, the true value in the phenomenal ROI you can look forward to well into the future, is actually priceless.

What about warrantees on solar geysers & solar panels?

Although solar panels from Renaissance Solar carry a 10 year warranty, their lifespan can easily be longer, and, most solar geysers provided by this team come with an awesome 7 year warrantee.

On top of this, you can expect outstanding back-up service for as long as you are enjoying the benefits of a solar water heating system installed by Renaissance Solar.

2 Examples of prices for solar water heating systems for Non-Frost Coastal Areas – the very best solar water heating systems for Cape Town:

The prices listed here include the full installation, VAT and a Geyserwise Timer, which is yet another money-saving product!

Please note that prices range from what is listed and then, depending on installation specifics as discussed above, upwards of these starting prices which include full installation and VAT .


  • Direct High Pressure Flat Plate Systems



150lt from              R 20 643

200lt from              R 23 293

250lt from              R 30 170

300lt from              R 35 299



  • Direct Evacuated Tube Systems



150lt  from             R21 258

200lt  from             R24 875

250lt  from             R32 068

300lt  from             R36 541



  • Converting your own geyser to solar


150lt  from             R18 268

200lt  from             R18 912


Call Renaissance Solar today!

This is just a little taster of where to get started on your budget, if you’re ready to invest in the best solar water heating systems in Cape Town. It’s also the best place to get right down to the nitty gritty of the initial question asked; how much does solar water heating cost?

Enjoy the confidence and freedom that a solar water heating system will bring, as opposed to being trapped in an endless cycle of ever-increasing electricity tariffs! Contact the friendly, down to earth team at Renaissance Solar to start this journey to a future of free hot water!

Which is the best solar water heating system?

This is a pretty loaded question for most of us, since we don’t have the experience or knowledge necessary to find the best solar water heating system. This is why we need trusted professionals to answer questions like this, in a way that we can really understand.

If you’re looking for a solar water heating system installer in Cape Town that you can rely on to be open and candid about what it means to install a solar water heating system, then the team at Renaissance Solar is a great starting point.

They’ve been a stable force in the solar industry for over 12 years, and, with this kind of stability, you can trust this passionate team to provide you with the kind of support you deserve when making a major investment like this.


Which is the best solar water heating system?

Again, if you’d like to find out which is the best solar water heating system for your requirements, turn to the professionals at Renaissance Solar, who will make sure you know exactly what you need to keep your family or business in hot water, all year round.

What does a solar water heating system consist of?

At its simplest, a solar water heating system consists of a geyser and a solar panel, and, the capacity of the solar geyser will be determined by the size of your family, or in the case of your business, the size of your staff compliment.

This will be the first question that needs to be addressed when planning to invest in a SWH System, to get the maximum benefit out of the system you invest in.

Renaissance Solar offers quality SWH Systems from South African manufacturers

Considering the state of our economy, it’s a comfort to know that a solar company such as Renaissance Solar is committed to using only the best in South African solar geysers and products in their installations, which makes a big difference financially.


Only high-quality solar water heating systems on offer from this team!

Here are a few of the quality brand names associated with solar water heating systems installed by Renaissance Solar in Cape Town:

Xstream Geysers 

These high-quality geysers are available in 100lt, 150lt and 200lt capacity, which gives you a choice that makes it easy to settle on the right size solar geyser for your home or business.


These are all household names in South Africa, which ensures you get the best quality, from the top solar water heating installers in Cape Town. Available in 100lt, 150lt, 200lt, 250lt and 300lt capacity.

Why choose Renaissance Solar?

The team at Renaissance Solar is committed to offering affordable solar hot water systems in and around Cape Town, which is exactly what has earned them a sterling reputation, and it’s a reputation that hasn’t wavered since 2009.

Service excellence is a given when you choose to work with Renaissance Solar, and, based on extensive experience and knowledge, you can also rely on this team to be on hand to offer back-up service that is friendly and reliable.

Bottom line…which is the best solar water heating system? Contact Renaissance Solar today for the answers you need, and to find out more about how they’ll make your investment bring returns that you may never have considered!