Solar PV Installers Near Me?


If the latest round of load shedding and the April 1st Eskom tariff increase has finally done it for you, and you’re ready to take solar power seriously, you may be asking the question; solar PV installers near me?

If you live in Cape Town and are looking for solar PV installers you can trust with your move to solar power, you’ll find that Renaissance Solar will more than meet your requirements.

Having started out in 2009 with a commitment to offering affordable solar hot water systems, this team of solar experts easily moved into supplying and installing solar PV systems, each designed to meet the individual energy requirements of customers.

Renaissance Solar installing partners have, to date, delivered the largest number of solar PV commercial projects in South Africa, giving them the experience and knowledge necessary to make your investment in a solar PV system give you all that you expect of it.

Solar PV installers near me?

With their own highly qualified team of installers available to handle smaller commercial and residential solar PV installations, Renaissance Solar is able to offer a variety of financial offerings to meet with your budget.

If you live in Cape Town, anywhere from Bantry Bay to Bloubergstrand, Camps Bay to Gordon’s Bay, Noordhoek to Stellenbosch and everywhere in-between, Renaissance Solar will be on your doorstep to deliver service excellence.

This service excellence you can look forward to is very clear from customer testimonials, which is always a good place to start when you’re looking for a company you can trust with the investment in solar power!

It’s inspirational that a company with so many years in the solar industry has built and maintained this fantastic reputation, which only comes from this kind of real-life feedback from customers.  

Grid Tie, Off Grid or Hybrid Solar PV system?

Installing a Hybrid solar PV system or Grid Tie solar PV system will involve being attached to the grid to some extent, whereas the Off Grid solar PV system means that you’ll be completely independent of the grid.

Depending on how far off the grid you want to go, Renaissance Solar will work with you to design the perfect solar PV system to suit your energy requirements, using the very latest in solar power solutions on the market.

Another electricity tariff hike…and more to come!

As of the first of April 2022, the price of electricity went from around R1.33 per kWh to around R1.46 per kWh, an increase that is separate from a proposed July increase of 7.47%, which will apply to municipal customers, according to an article in Business Tech on the 4th of April.

In addition to this, and in a severely belaboured economy, Eskom has already pushed for a 20.5% tariff increase for the 2023 financial year, an increase that has come with the warning ‘that the hike is necessary for the continuation of Eskom’s operations’! 

There is an inherent threat in this short sentence, a threat serious enough to make you do whatever is necessary to invest in a solar PV system sooner rather than later!

Contact Renaissance Solar today to find out more about what this friendly, down-to-earth team can do to make your move to solar power a lot easier than you may think!


Solar PV for Water Heating?

If you’re in the market to invest in solar power and are tired of paying a fortune just to have hot water on tap, you may be wondering whether or not to start with a solar water heating system, or whether to invest in a PV solar system to heat your water as well as keep appliances running, in which case you’re probably debating the question; solar PV for water heating?

More and more South Africans are making the move to solar power, with a vast majority of them starting out with a solar water heating system, but there’s one step better, to heat water and keep the lights on, and that’s through buying a solar PV system to do it all!

With an average of around 2500 hours of sunshine per year in South Africa, we should have solar panels fitted to every roof possible, since we are so well positioned geographically to reap the benefits of solar power.

With the last round of load shedding currently on the go, we are all once again feeling the detrimental effects of being left in the dark and without hot water. 

We never know how long the electricity will be off, which means that a full freezer can defrost to the extent that the contents all have to be discarded; just another expensive downside to load shedding.

When you take this into account along with the high price we pay for electricity, it’s definitely time to take the leap and invest in a solar PV system to survive an unstable grid.

Solar PV for water heating?

If you’re lucky enough to live in and around Cape Town, then Renaissance Solar is the team to turn to when it comes to choosing the right solar PV system and solar geyser that’ll keep you in hot water, even when the grid goes down.

With this team of solar experts, irrespective of whether you settle on a Hybrid, Grid Tie or Off Grid Solar PV system, you’ll find that meeting your hot water requirements from the sun’s energy will be quite straightforward and simple.

Renaissance Solar is passionate about offering customer’s service excellence along with high quality SABS-approved solar products, all of which comes at great prices. 

After many years in the solar industry, along with seeing the benefits reaped by their customers from solar power, this team is committed to helping every family and business break the chains that bind us to Eskom, free to bask in the abundant sunshine that makes South Africa ideal for solar power.

How do solar PV panels heat water?

A solar PV panel is made up of strings of photovoltaic cells which covert sunlight into electricity, giving you a renewable and green option for heating water and powering your home or business.

The team at Renaissance Solar will guide you to the most efficient PV solar solution to meet your hot water requirements, and unless you happen to be a solar expert yourself, this is guidance that will give you the power to make an informed decision about your investment in solar power.

While you’re still wondering about which way to go in order to secure your hot water supply, contact the friendly, down-to-earth team at Renaissance Solar for more information about solar water heating!

No matter what your budget is or how many questions you have lined up for this team, you’ll find them more than willing to go to bat for you in order to get you hooked up to the power of the sun!


PV Solar Panels Pros and Cons?

The inconvenience and resultant losses incurred by South Africans during Eskom load shedding has led to an increased move towards solar energy, and if yours is a roof that doesn’t yet sport PV solar panels, you’re probably asking the question; PV solar panels pros and cons?

No matter how you look at it, there isn’t a better long term investment you could make today than solar power as a renewable, sustainable and reliable source of power independent from an unstable grid.

The huge financial impact brought about by yet another increase in electricity tariffs on 1st April 2022, along with the current round of load shedding, is being felt in every business and every family. No one is immune to the effects of this combined weight on our finances and quality of life.

The only way around this financial burden is to cut your reliance on Eskom as much as is possible, an independence that is only possible by installing PV solar panels, whether to heat water or to keep the lights on and appliances running as they should.

PV solar panels pros and cons?

Let’s start by looking at the cons of solar power and PV solar panels in general:

The initial outlay is a major step

The initial outlay is a major financial step for most people who don’t have ready cash lying around, however, PV solar panels have to be viewed as a long term investment, which comes with a quality product that is designed to last 25 years and more.

You can also start relatively small, such as using your PV solar system purely as a backup you can rely on when load shedding comes around, and from there you can expand the system as your budget allows.

If you choose to work with Renaissance Solar in Cape Town, you’ll find that this team is committed to offering solar water heating systems, Hybrid, Grid Tie and Off Grid solar PV systems, at affordable prices for exceptional quality.

This team works hard to make your budget meet with your solar requirements, with a variety of financial offerings available as well, to make buying a solar PV system that much easier for you.

Solar power depends on the weather

Naturally, because a PV solar system needs the energy from the sun to generate power, cloudy and rainy days will place some limitations on the system. Despite this, even then, there is still energy to be harvested from the sun, which is also where solar batteries come into play, storing energy for the night-time and cold winter months.

You need space for PV solar panels

The best place for PV solar panels is on the roof of your home or business, and since PV solar panels are quite large, if you don’t have the space on your roof for the solar PV system you want, the team at Renaissance Solar will find the best solution for mounting the solar panels in your yard or elsewhere on your property.

The pros of solar panels and solar PV systems

Solar energy is cost-effective in the long term

Irrespective of whether you’ll opt to rely on PV solar panels completely or merely as back-up power, you will realise the long-term cost-effectiveness of solar power before too long. 

The size of your savings will depend on the size of your PV solar system, but save you will, especially in light of extremely high electricity tariffs that are just going to keep increasing.

PV solar systems are low-maintenance

With few moving parts, a PV solar system offers you fantastic returns with very little in terms of maintenance. At most, you may need to clean the solar panels a few times a year, but that’ll be about it.

You can also look forward to superb backup service from the team at Renaissance Solar, along with the guarantees and warranties that come with their SABS-approved PV solar panels.

Solar power equals the sustainable energy option

With the amount of sunshine in South Africa, solar power is the choice to make if you’re looking at a sustainable energy option today. Testimony to this is the increase in solar panels installed every day in Cape Town!

Contact Renaissance Solar today to find out more about the advantages of a PV solar system or high quality affordable solar water heating systems!



Can I Install Solar PV Myself?

In general, homeowners and business owners in the market for a solar PV system will source the system from trusted solar companies, with a reputation for quality solar products and expert workmanship, such as Renaissance Solar.

Perhaps you’ve reached the end of your financial tether with the latest tariff hike from Eskom, which came just before this last round of load shedding hit us all, and are asking; can I install solar PV myself?

You can, of course, source everything you need to carry out a DIY solar installation, however, there are a few pitfalls to be aware of before taking a step as drastic as this, especially if you aren’t actually qualified to carry out the planning and installation yourself. 

You may think that you’ll be saving on labour by installing the solar PV system yourself, however, you won’t have the peace of mind that comes from working with a professional solar PV system installer.

Can I install solar PV myself?

Since planning and installing a solar PV system takes technical knowledge and skill, this is a project best left to the professionals. By choosing Renaissance Solar for your solar installation, you get a lot more than the installation into the bargain.

With experience and knowledge gained through carrying out the installation of solar PV systems in Cape Town since 2009, this is the team you want on your side when the planning stage of your solar system begins.

In order to get the most out of your budget and system, Renaissance Solar will sit with you to work out the most comprehensive solar solution to meet your energy requirements.

This is a very important step in making sure that you invest in a solar PV system that will give you the returns and savings on electricity that you’re looking for, which is a basis you won’t have if you try to do it yourself. 

The benefits of trusting the professionals at Renaissance Solar with the installation of your solar PV system:

Planning a solar PV system

You’ll have quite a few decisions that need to be made when it comes to finding just the right solar PV system to meet the energy requirements of your home or business, and it’s here that the expertise of the team at Renaissance Solar is essential.

Sound advice

You’ll have all the answers you need when it comes to making an informed decision about the right solar system for your residential or commercial property, which offers a peace of mind you deserve about a major investment like this.

Quality products

Renaissance Solar is committed to offering customers quality, SABS-approved solar products, which includes everything from solar geysers to solar PV panels, which are guaranteed to last up to 25 years!

Warranties on these products are backed up by the expert workmanship you can expect from the highly trained in-house installation team at Renaissance Solar.

Service excellence

All you need to do to assure yourself of the exceptional reputation earned by the team at Renaissance Solar for service excellence, from the planning stages to installation and beyond, is to take the time to read customer testimonials!

These testimonials really speak to the sheer professionalism, expertise and friendliness experienced by customers who are already enjoying the benefits of a solar PV system installed by Renaissance Solar! 

The installation of your solar system will have an impact on whether or not suppliers will honour warranties on their products, especially if you’re doing it yourself.

There’s a lot more to choosing professionals such as Renaissance Solar to install your solar PV system, so before you try to install a solar PV system yourself, give this friendly team a call, for the best advice, service and prices!