Solar Panels: How Many kW Solar Do I Need?

Power output is an essential metric for your residential or commercial solar panel system. During the purchase and installation of your solar energy system, the price is calculated on the complete power output of the solar panels and displayed in watts or kilowatts. ( many other factors determine price too: size of inverter, number of batteries)

Three vital factors control the amount of electricity produced by solar panels: Panel size, solar cell efficiency and the amount of sunlight the panel receives.
Panel Size
The term “solar panel” indicates the traditional silicon PV panel typically used for residential applications. Each solar panel contains little squares that are individual solar cells. Linked by wires, these cells are where the magic happens, and electricity is made. The more solar cells work together, the more power they create. If you’re trying to calculate how much electricity your panel will create, the size matters.

While the standard size of solar panels remains the same, modern panels generate more electricity. Mainly due to improvements in cell efficiency by the manufacturers.
Solar Cell Efficiency
In the mid-1900s, the first solar cells could use 6% of the sun’s energy to convert into electricity. These days, the efficiency is closer to 25% in more advanced solar cells, with an average efficiency of around 19% for residential use. By combining the size of the panel with the efficiency of the cells, you get the power rating.
Power Rating
Panels come in many different wattage ratings, but the most advanced solar panel produces nearly 320 watts of power. (dont know where you get this from) These types of panels tend to be more expensive but work well if you only have limited space on your roof. Your solar installation team will assist you in determining exactly how many panels you would need to produce sufficient energy for your home.
How Many kW Solar Do I Need?

Depending on where you are in South Africa and what time of year it is, solar panels will generate a different amount of power. Adding more solar panels to your system is possible after installation, but you should size your system accurately based on your anticipated energy consumption.

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