PV Solar Energy Systems?

Do you have any questions about PV solar energy systems? Like many of us, most of the terms involved in the solar industry seem to be way above our understanding. 

This is why we seek answers, especially when we’re getting ready to switch from unreliable Eskom, to completely reliable sunshine for electricity.

We’re all worn out by high electricity tariffs and the load shedding that accompanies them. Just when we get a break and get comfortable, boom, the next round starts, and we have to scramble to plan our lives around yet another round of load shedding.

Only South Africans know what load shedding means. Mention the term to a New Yorker or Parisian, and they’ll have no idea what you’re talking about. 

Can you imagine the whole of America going dark like we do? And having no recourse to do anything about it, because there’s only one power giant in control of it all?

Happily, in South Africa we do have a recourse, and that is to invest in PV solar energy systems, no matter how small you start, to thwart the stranglehold Eskom has on your life.

PV Solar energy systems?

Essentially, PV solar energy systems (the PV standing for Photovoltaic Systems), are power systems that have been designed to provide power through the use of sunlight and photovoltaics. In other words, it’s a way of generating electricity from the sun, which is then converted for domestic or commercial use.

The basic components of a PV solar energy system boil down to:

  • PV solar panels – choosing high quality PV solar panels is essential, since this is where sunlight is converted into electricity
  • The inverter – the inverter converts the electric current from DC to AC
  • Mounting – the mounting of your solar panels is very important, especially if you consider the wind and storms it has to withstand year after year. Most good quality PV solar panels should last up to and even beyond 25 years
  • Electrical accessories, cabling and other accessories used in setting up your full PV solar system
  • Battery – if you’re going for a Hybrid PV solar system or Grid Tie PV solar system, you may want to chat to the team at Renaissance Solar about the benefits of including a backup battery system, although this is not a necessity and can be added at a later stage. Batteries are still one of the most expensive components of any PV solar system, but with regular load shedding, they store energy accumulated during the day to be used at night, more than making up for their cost.

Introducing PV solar energy systems from Renaissance Solar

Renaissance Solar is a Cape Town based solar company that has earned a phenomenal reputation for service excellence, quality products and customer care that is truly unbeatable, with knowledge and experience in the solar industry that goes as far back as 2009.

If you want down-to-earth answers to your questions, contact Renaissance Solar. This is one team of experts who really enjoy sharing their knowledge with anyone interested in changing their world with solar power!

Whether you’d like to start with a Solar Hot Water System, or take a step up to a Hybrid PV Solar System or Grid Tie System, bring your dream and budget to Renaissance Solar, to get the ball rolling in the right direction for a future of free electricity.


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