Making the Right Choice: DIY vs. Renaissance Solar PV Installation

The trend of solar photovoltaic (PV) system adoption has truly increased as people look for sustainable and low-cost alternatives for their energy needs. The interest in this has peaked and many are asking whether or not to install it by themselves or hire experts like Renaissance Solar. In the following blog post, we will discuss the advantages and disadvantages of both systems to help you make the best decision for your solar endeavors.


DIY solar installations have become quite popular over the last few years thanks to the intuitiveness of several solar panel kits and plenty of online sources teaching people to do it themselves. That being said, DIY installations present quite a lot of problems, like the fact that people can get really excited and some people are satisfied with DIY projects, and yet they have their own pitfalls. 


Without a sufficient level of competency as well as certifications, there may be some deficiencies during the installation process, which may lead to poor performance and safety. Beyond these legal hurdles associated with DIY developments, getting all the municipal-level approvals (regulation, permits, etc.) can be troublesome for DIY enthusiasts.


While the point that one can install solar systems by themselves is valid, Renaissance Solar installation professionals would assure quality and provide peace of mind. Our staff of professionals, who underwent years of training and development, covers every project of the company with competence and precise technical skills. 


Site audit, system design, and installation are the components we care about, and we do them, with top quality, from the beginning to the end. With Renaissance Solar, you can be blind to complexity because made it with dedication. So, it really works for you.

Why Choose Renaissance Solar:

Renaissance Solar has earned the trust of many customers and has a reputation for the high quality of its solar services for several reasons. It is our past performance that stands out as our testimonial. 


Through a multitude of successful houses that we have installed, we have acquired great respect, being acknowledged as professionals in this field. In addition to the excellent quality of our textiles we prioritize using the best materials and we follow the highest standards of manufacturing techniques.


Then, choosing a licensed installation by Renaissance Solar will make your system up to code and safe according to the local regulations. We are experienced with building codes and permitting processing and well as put in all effort to make the installation process of clients on-time and tension-free. Such an option, too, lets you as a client benefit from extensive warranty service which ensures the added protection to your budget.


After that, DIY solar installation may seem desirable at the onset but it expertly conceals risks and challenges that cause its accomplishment to be exceedingly costly in the long run. For the part, you do not need to bother about your solar PV installation if you delegate the responsibility to the expert hand of Renaissance Solar; they guarantee you peace, quality, and reliability. 


Among the various solar companies out there, what makes us stand out, is our proven track record and our devotion to customer satisfaction, and selecting Renaissance Solar would be the right choice in the right manner for a successful Solar journey.


Reach out to Renaissance Solar by scheduling a consultation so that you can consider the sun as one of your major power investments without either fear or doubt. Let’s direct you on a road toward a light of tomorrow filled with more care for our environment.


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