Choosing who to trust with your investment in solar energy

The only people in South Africa who have remained unaffected by load shedding courtesy of the dying throes of our power giant Eskom, are those who have already been living off the grid for at least the last 5 years.

2019 saw us plummet to stage six load shedding for the first time since we were forced to adjust personal and business lives to an unreliable supply of electricity, and, it doesn’t bode well for the future. Now we are told it’s Stage 4 till further notice!!

This is real life, not an alarmist’s tale designed to get you to rush out and buy into solar energy, any which way you can. It’s grounded in fact and in experience, which is why it’s worth planning on getting out from under this inconsistent power supply that knocks us for six just as we think we may be out in the light again.

Remember those guys who tried to get our attention way back when no one knew anything about climate change? The ones most considered to be a little batty to say the least? Well, they don’t look so batty anymore, more’s the pity, because back then we may have been able to curb our misuse of our planet’s resources a lot more than what we have.

And where’s our excuse for hanging around on the periphery of all that solar power has to offer us? Well it’s definitely not our climate! We have more than enough sunshine to keep the power up and running with ease, even during the winter season.

It’s too expensive? That’s taken a flier out the window too! Solar panels come down in price faster than Eskom rates go up, and weighed on that scale, you have to know that even with a pretty steep initial investment, solar beats an expensive and unstable supply of electricity hands down.

When you invest in something as foundational as a solar water heating system in Cape Town, you’re already starting to shave off up to 50% of your electricity bill every month, leaving you with more in the bank that can be better used elsewhere.

It’s also an investment you can trust to last up to and beyond 25 years, giving you absolutely free hot water for every year after the payback period is done.

Selling a house that already has a solar hot water system installed pushes up the market price of your home significantly today. People want to move into a home that is already semi-detached from Eskom and the grid, adding real resale value to your property, residential or commercial.

You can start with the installation of a solar hot water system, and, with time, migrate to a Grid Tie or Hybrid PV system that’ll have you breaking the shackles that tie you to one electricity supplier that doesn’t have a rosy future.

It’s knowing who to trust with your investment that counts!

Renaissance Solar brings experience to solar hot water systems, Hybrid and Grid Tie PV systems of quality in Cape Town., working in collaboration with local suppliers who manufacture products that are of unquestionable quality and reliability, in order to make sure that your investment will be one that brings you the best return far into the future.

They’ve been around since 2009 and intend to be around a lot longer than that, to make sure they can step back one day and survey a Cape Town that is proliferated with solar panels that stand the test of time, under their proud name.

It’s about changing the lives of their customers for the better, and contributing to the health of our environment, not to mention our hopes for a greener South Africa into the future.

This is one area in which we can still be thankful to be a bit of a backwater when it comes to lagging behind the rest of the world – we simply didn’t have enough ‘stuff’ to mess it up as completely as the rest have!

Change what electricity rates do to your bank balance and plan for a consistently brighter future for your family by contacting the awesome team at Renaissance Solar, they’ll help to make your investment count, in the very long run!



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