Is Solar Water Heating System Reliable

The only reason a solar water heating system won’t be reliable will be because you’ve chosen the wrong solar company, first to supply you with quality products and then to carry out a bad installation!

If you choose the right solar company to deal with, you’ll find that not only will they help you find the right solution to suit the energy requirements of your family or business; they’ll also be able to provide you with quality solar products that’ll suit your budget perfectly.

Is solar water heating system reliable?

The next question, after you’ve asked the one about the cost of a solar water heating system to suit your requirements, is probably ‘is solar water heating system reliable?.

The answer to this is yes, if:

You understand, that as with any other regular property maintenance checks and inspections, your solar water heating system is also going to require the tender loving care any pump system would need, to keep it performing at its best.

This does not mean you’ll have to check it every week or month, but, if you’ve formed a trusted relationship with a reliable team like the one at Renaissance Solar, they’ll make sure you know exactly when it would be best to do a maintenance check.

A well-installed quality solar water heating system that’s maintained when necessary, which could be around once a year or year and a half, is one that will be reliable for many years to come.

Will there be hot water throughout winter?

This is where we need to take a quick look at 2 types of solar collectors:

A solar collector is the solar panel on your roof that absorbs radiation from the sun and then transfers the energy to either a fluid or material, which, at its most basic, is where the process of heating water for your home or business begins.

Frost-free areas – Flat plate collectors are insulated boxes designed to be weatherproof, which contain a dark absorber plate under either a polymer or glass cover. This is the ideal collector for you if you live in a frost-free area. 

Cold, frost areas – If you live in one of the colder areas in South Africa, where frost is prevalent in winter, you’ll be best served by installing Evacuated tube collectors.

These collectors consist of parallel rows of transparent glass tubes, and, with its glass outer tube and metal absorber tube attached to a coated fin; you’ll be looking at less heat loss, especially if you have to get through pretty cold temperatures in winter!

So yes, you’ll have a reliable source of free hot water throughout the year, once you’ve taken the step to invest in a solar water heating system!

Speak to the experts at Renaissance Solar

If you want absolute energy efficiency, a solar water heating system you can rely on to give you an unbeatable return on investment, let the awesome team of experts at Renaissance Solar in Cape Town introduce you to the most reliable solar water heating systems available!

This team will give you the complete rundown on exactly what it will take for you to break the shackles that Eskom has on your budget, and they’ll do it by providing you with quality local solar products at exceptionally competitive prices!

Don’t get left behind as South Africans forge a future in which they no longer have to pay for hot water, as well as contributing to the safety of our embattled environment for a greener future!

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