Which is the best solar water heating system?

This is a pretty loaded question for most of us, since we don’t have the experience or knowledge necessary to find the best solar water heating system. This is why we need trusted professionals to answer questions like this, in a way that we can really understand.

If you’re looking for a solar water heating system installer in Cape Town that you can rely on to be open and candid about what it means to install a solar water heating system, then the team at Renaissance Solar is a great starting point.

They’ve been a stable force in the solar industry for over 12 years, and, with this kind of stability, you can trust this passionate team to provide you with the kind of support you deserve when making a major investment like this.


Which is the best solar water heating system?

Again, if you’d like to find out which is the best solar water heating system for your requirements, turn to the professionals at Renaissance Solar, who will make sure you know exactly what you need to keep your family or business in hot water, all year round.

What does a solar water heating system consist of?

At its simplest, a solar water heating system consists of a geyser and a solar panel, and, the capacity of the solar geyser will be determined by the size of your family, or in the case of your business, the size of your staff compliment.

This will be the first question that needs to be addressed when planning to invest in a SWH System, to get the maximum benefit out of the system you invest in.

Renaissance Solar offers quality SWH Systems from South African manufacturers

Considering the state of our economy, it’s a comfort to know that a solar company such as Renaissance Solar is committed to using only the best in South African solar geysers and products in their installations, which makes a big difference financially.


Only high-quality solar water heating systems on offer from this team!

Here are a few of the quality brand names associated with solar water heating systems installed by Renaissance Solar in Cape Town:

Xstream Geysers 

These high-quality geysers are available in 100lt, 150lt and 200lt capacity, which gives you a choice that makes it easy to settle on the right size solar geyser for your home or business.


These are all household names in South Africa, which ensures you get the best quality, from the top solar water heating installers in Cape Town. Available in 100lt, 150lt, 200lt, 250lt and 300lt capacity.

Why choose Renaissance Solar?

The team at Renaissance Solar is committed to offering affordable solar hot water systems in and around Cape Town, which is exactly what has earned them a sterling reputation, and it’s a reputation that hasn’t wavered since 2009.

Service excellence is a given when you choose to work with Renaissance Solar, and, based on extensive experience and knowledge, you can also rely on this team to be on hand to offer back-up service that is friendly and reliable.

Bottom line…which is the best solar water heating system? Contact Renaissance Solar today for the answers you need, and to find out more about how they’ll make your investment bring returns that you may never have considered!

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