Is Solar Heating Worth It?

Water heating is without a doubt the greatest drain on your energy budget in your home and business, which is why millions of consumers are taking the important first step towards lowering their electricity bills by installing solar water heating systems.

While many are still put off by the initial outlay for a solar water heating system, the benefits are extremely rewarding, especially when you take into consideration relatively short payback periods.

So, is solar heating worth it? Getting down to brass tacks and the bottom line, the answer is yes! Especially if shaving off up to 40% of your electricity bill will make your bank balance look a lot healthier, and give you the extra moola to spend on much nicer goodies!

Is solar heating worth it?

Let’s look at a few of the pros and cons involved in choosing to install a solar water heating system:


Lowering electricity usage

Energy savings is the number one pro, which in an embattled economic climate, as well as with ever-escalating tariff increases from Eskom, with its monopoly on the power grid, makes solar heating an exceptionally attractive alternative for heating water.

Once your solar water heating system is installed, you won’t be using electricity to heat your water, so, though you’ll be busy with your payback period, you’ll have free hot water from the sun!


Beautifully sunny South Africa

Living in South Africa is a real blessing when it comes to relying on solar heating, with a climate that has more sun than Europe could ever hope for, yet Europeans have been relying on solar energy to power everything from their homes and businesses to heating their water!

If they can do it, we have no excuse!


The upfront financial investment

The average South African simply doesn’t have money lying around doing nothing, which means that, though solar heating will save you a fortune in the long run; the initial outlay may seem a little overwhelming.

Because of the complexities of a solar water heating system in comparison with an electrical geyser, counting your pennies in order to pay for the installation can feel a little steep.

The good news here is that Renaissance Solar in Cape Town will assist you to make your investment work perfectly for you, by offering affordable solar water heating systems of high quality.

This team works with local suppliers and local solar products, which is an immediate bonus for you, and, by bringing your water heating requirements and budget to this awesome team, you’ll find it’s easier to make solar water heating a reality.

The initial investment is also offset by the longevity of the solar geyser, such as in the case of Xstream Geysers offering a 7 year warranty, and the 10 year warranty you’ll enjoy with the solar panels!


A wee bit of maintenance

First off, Renaissance Solar has been in the solar industry since 2009, and you can rely on this team to be at your door in a jiffy when a solar water heating system needs any maintenance.

The solar water heating panels have to deal with exposure to the elements, so you’d be looking at having to carry out regular maintenance on them, to keep them healthy and extend their lifespan.

The good news is that you’d only need to get the team in to do maintenance perhaps once a year, which isn’t going to be too painful. Aside from which, the service excellence you receive from Renaissance Solar includes not being ripped off for these services! 

Bottom line; it’s all sunshine & roses at Renaissance Solar!

To reiterate; is solar heating worth it? 

Absolutely! Quite frankly, the benefits of installing a solar water heating system far outweighs any minor disadvantages as discussed above! 

Contact Renaissance Solar to find out more about soaking up the sun to enjoy hot water all year round, no matter how big or small your property is, this team will find the perfect solution to suit your hot water requirements, and your budget! 


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