How much does solar water heating cost?

The answer to this, in a nutshell, is…virtually nothing, compared to what you’re paying Eskom right now, never mind about the next lot of tariff hikes to come!

If you want absolute clarity about this question, then you’d be doing yourself a real favour by contacting Renaissance Solar  in Cape Town for solar water heating!  Being a fully transparent and trusted company, the prices we’ll look at here are on their website for all to see. 

There is no hidden agenda when you deal with these consummate professionals, in fact, they go out of their way to maintain low prices for SABS quality solar products, which is one of the secrets of success for this solar company that first opened its doors in 2009.

How much does solar water heating cost?

The things that will have an impact on the cost of solar water heating systems are as varied as system types are, whether an external or split system. 

It will also depend on installation specifics that include any existing reticulation and fittings, as well as the location of your new solar water heating system in relation to the existing piping.

The fact is, that whatever you spend on installing a solar water heating system will be worth every penny by the time you’ve paid it off, after which you’ll no longer get that sinking feeling in your stomach when your electricity bill arrives!

Though the initial cost of a solar water heating system may seem expensive, the true value in the phenomenal ROI you can look forward to well into the future, is actually priceless.

What about warrantees on solar geysers & solar panels?

Although solar panels from Renaissance Solar carry a 10 year warranty, their lifespan can easily be longer, and, most solar geysers provided by this team come with an awesome 7 year warrantee.

On top of this, you can expect outstanding back-up service for as long as you are enjoying the benefits of a solar water heating system installed by Renaissance Solar.

2 Examples of prices for solar water heating systems for Non-Frost Coastal Areas – the very best solar water heating systems for Cape Town:

The prices listed here include the full installation, VAT and a Geyserwise Timer, which is yet another money-saving product!

Please note that prices range from what is listed and then, depending on installation specifics as discussed above, upwards of these starting prices which include full installation and VAT .


  • Direct High Pressure Flat Plate Systems



150lt from              R 20 643

200lt from              R 23 293

250lt from              R 30 170

300lt from              R 35 299



  • Direct Evacuated Tube Systems



150lt  from             R21 258

200lt  from             R24 875

250lt  from             R32 068

300lt  from             R36 541



  • Converting your own geyser to solar


150lt  from             R18 268

200lt  from             R18 912


Call Renaissance Solar today!

This is just a little taster of where to get started on your budget, if you’re ready to invest in the best solar water heating systems in Cape Town. It’s also the best place to get right down to the nitty gritty of the initial question asked; how much does solar water heating cost?

Enjoy the confidence and freedom that a solar water heating system will bring, as opposed to being trapped in an endless cycle of ever-increasing electricity tariffs! Contact the friendly, down to earth team at Renaissance Solar to start this journey to a future of free hot water!

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