Is It Worth Getting Solar PV?

Well, let’s get right into it with the question on the tip of many tongues right now; is it worth getting solar PV? The short answer? Yes, but we won’t leave you hanging there when it comes to something as important to your future and finances as a solar PV system can be.

We live in a world that has placed us all in a state of uncertainty, and we live in a country where load shedding adds an extra weight to that uncertainty, never knowing when the simplest of life’s tasks will become a major challenge, just because of a sudden power outage.

Homeowners and business owners are at wits end; solar power or noisy generator, just to survive and keep going, so that nothing is lost at whatever stage Eskom chooses as its next unpredictable load shedding schedule.

This has been going on for well over ten years now, so, let’s ask the question again at this junction!

Is it worth getting solar PV?

In a beautiful country that has abundant sunshine, to the extent that South Africa is the perfect site for solar, with a phenomenal 2,500 sun hours a year, compared the 1,000 hours of most European countries, the real question should be; why doesn’t every roof have solar panels soaking it up, turning it into electricity?

Aside from load shedding, lets whisper here about the ever-increasing electricity tariffs that have all but turned electricity into a luxury even for the average South African household, and it isn’t going to get any better in 2023!

Even if all you do is start with the smallest solar PV system from Renaissance Solar in Cape Town, South Africa, you’ll already start knocking a major chunk off your electricity bill every year, with quick payback periods that offer a great ROI.

No matter how small you start, you can always add on, and Renaissance Solar will be around for a long time to come, just as stable as they have been over the last decade and more.

The benefits of a solar PV system far outweigh any disadvantages, by a long shot. At most, your system won’t operate as well on a cloudy day as it would on a sunny day, but with the right batteries and inverter, and the right system to meet your power requirements, you won’t feel load shedding at all.

Let’s face it, the less you have to rely on an unpredictable grid that costs more every time you open your eyes, the better life becomes. 

An added bonus, is that according to local real estate agents, more than 50% of those in the market for buying homes, are willing to pay anywhere up to R 100 000.00 or more, for any property that offers a reduction in electricity costs. Solar PV system anyone?

Why choose Renaissance Solar PV Systems in Cape Town?

Quality and phenomenal customer service for a start. Then there’s the fact that the team at Renaissance Solar is passionate about what they do, which means that they’re only too happy to share their expertise with anyone planning to move to solar energy.

Have a look at what their customers have to say about this down to earth team here, who really care about integrity, great prices and amazing after-sales service.

Go ahead, contact Renaissance Solar to get the ball rolling towards a future where your electricity is generated from the sun, in perpetuity.


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