How Solar PV System Works?

Asking the burning question; how solar PV system works? Well, this can be quite a minefield for the uninitiated into solar energy, which is precisely why we need experts we can trust, to explain how a solar PV system works.

Add to this the fact that there are a few different types of solar PV systems on the market, as well as different configurations to meet the energy demands for individual households or businesses, and it really becomes a quagmire of tech-speak.

It’s essential to find people with integrity and an excellent long-term reputation for customer service to start finding your way around how a solar PV system works, and which would best suit your needs, which is where the awesome team at Renaissance Solar fits in perfectly.

If you live in Cape Town and surrounding areas, this is the team of solar experts you want on your side, to take you from concept to drawing board, and finally to installation.

In addition to this, the team does it all at great prices that are designed to allow Capetonians the opportunity to free themselves from excessive electricity tariffs and load shedding, once and for all, well into the future.

If 2022 load shedding is anything to go by, then 2023 doesn’t look too rosy at all, and neither do the hikes in electricity tariffs that are still to come!

How solar PV system works?

Renaissance Solar supplies and installs Solar Hot Water Systems, Hybrid PV Systems and Grid Tie PV Systems, and have been doing so for over a decade. 

You need only check out what their customer testimonials have to say about this awesome team, to know that you’re dealing with real people who are passionate about the best of everything for their clients!

Ultimately, at the bottom line, a solar PV system harnesses the energy of the sun, turning it into electricity that can be used to heat water, keep your entire home running irrespective of load shedding, or you could start with something as simple as the smallest Load-Shedder System.

No matter where you start with a solar PV system, it helps to remember that we live in one of the best areas of the world for solar energy, where we are literally bathed in sunlight, making solar energy well worth taking advantage of, if you get half a chance.

Yes, cloudy and rainy days do mean that solar panels don’t operate at their optimal levels, however, they still operate, and that’s what counts, especially if you’ve invested in batteries and an inverter to store the energy collected from UV rays.

Request a free quote for a solar PV system from Renaissance Solar!

Perhaps a little less money can be spent over the festive season and kept to invest in a solar hot water system, which already shaves up to 40% off your electricity bill.

Alternatively, you can currently use what’s saved, to invest in the smallest PV Hybrid System at R115 000, installed, to ward off what’s coming in 2023. 

You can always build on a system like this as time goes by, mainly because the quality of solar products from Renaissance Solar are made for South Africa, and as a local team they know exactly what you’ll need to meet your budget!

Let’s not forget that the smallest Load-Shedder System works out at only R64 000 currently, installed; no more worrying about whether the meat in your freezer will defrost and go off, or if the holidays will be spoiled because of load shedding!

Contact the team at Renaissance Solar today to change your world to solar energy in 2023, and remember to chat to them about their payment options that may be available, to make it a little easier on your budget!


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