Would you like to have more control over your electricity bill in 2021?

My, how the world has changed as we enter into the beginnings of 2021 with our second wave of COVID-19 striking hard! However, even in a world that can change this drastically for almost all mankind at once, one thing won’t change in South Africa, and that’s the ever-rising electricity tariffs Eskom will keep charging you!

The headlines in the Times Live yesterday, 30th December 2020, read; ‘No wonder we are replacing fireworks with candles’: SA reacts to stage 2 load-shedding!

Once again, with little or no warning, South Africans were plunged into darkness last night, as Eskom implemented it’s announced stage 2 load shedding schedule for the 30th and 31st of December 2020!

This conglomerate could not resist putting a bitter cherry on top of a exceptionally tough year we’ve had to survive, by reminding us of their never-ending ability to shut down our power at will!

The excuses remain the same; ‘unplanned maintenance’ and the assurance none of us are prepared to believe, which is that they have teams working around the clock to get it all sorted out!

Unplanned maintenance in this case always means that the general maintenance and upkeep of power stations is always in a bad shape, and this can only be due to unqualified people hired through the nepotism and the ‘buddy system’ to be placed in major positions of responsibility.

2021? And we sit in the dark? South Africans have always had an incredibly resilient way of handling situations like this through humour, but, as yet, no jokes have surfaced, which paints a grim picture for our nation, along with budgets that are now virtually non-existent due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

There is a way out of this never-ending cycle of load shedding and tariff hikes, and that’s to invest in a solar system or solar water heating system, it really doesn’t matter where you start, as long as you make that start!

Even if it takes selling the second family car or offering to mow your in-laws lawn for the rest of your life for a loan, cut your electricity bill by 40% when you install a solar water heating system from Renaissance Solar in Cape Town. 

In fact, you could also chat to this awesome team of experts about the payment plans they’ve put together, to make it even easier to say goodbye to Eskom and to bask in our abundant sunshine!

There’s no doubt the disruptions caused to your personal life and business that 2020 brought were devastating. However, as you slowly make your way up from under the blows of having to shut your business and grope around in the dark, you may need to get serious about speaking to down-to-earth experts who will lead the way up and out into the light, with quality, affordable solar systems and products.

The reputation earned by the team at Renaissance Solar is phenomenal, and, looking at just 3 examples you can find right on the front page of the Renaissance Solar website, you may well stop sitting on the fence finally and start making solar energy work for you with this team!

  1. This is what Bruce has to say about his experience with this solar company in Cape Town. “Just had Gary and his team complete an installation of a 200lt Xtreme thermosyphon geyser at my home in Obs. I cannot express how well it all went and the gratitude I have. Unbelievably professional and friendly. I can’t say I have ever had the pleasure of dealing with such a great crew before, including Jill who processed the order and job. Thank you so much for what you did here. I will, without fail, recommend your services to anyone and everyone who requires solar heating. You guys are real pro’s. Superb”


  1. Nicola has this to say about Renaissance Solar: “Thank you Jill and Valerie and the installation team. From our first interaction, it was clear that the Renaissance Solar team was extremely professional, highly efficient and everyone went out of their way to assist us. Thank you for your speedy response to our request for urgent assistance and making a stressful time less so. We will certainly recommend Renaissance Solar. Many thanks again!”

Need more encouragement to get down off that fence? Here’s one more, just to let you know that solar systems and solar water heating systems installed in Cape Town by this company will last, and they’ll honour their end of the deal to the letter and beyond!

  1. From George, another satisfied customer under the belt for the team, even through the toughest of times! He says: “The installation went 100% according to plan, the system works 100% and the rebate went through. In the 3 years that I’ve been back in South Africa, there has not been a person/company/service provider that has come remotely close to the professional service that you provide. If all companies were like yours, I would live a long and peaceful life with no grey hair.”

Based on these real recommendations earned through experience, you might need to ask yourself what you’re waiting for at this point!

Contact this exceptional team today at Renaissance Solar, home to high quality solar products in Cape Town. Let them help you plan your bid for the freedom to gain control of your power supply, without paying what it’s costing you now and what is yet to come!


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