Will electricity become something only the elite can afford?

Will electricity become something only the elite can afford?

The answer to this question is a resounding yes! At the rate that electricity tariffs keep rising, and with the monopoly resting in the hands of a failing and corrupt power giant, electricity will become so expensive that it will become a luxury that even a middle class family cannot afford.

This sad state of affairs is directly as a result of mismanagement and corruption in the only power supplier we have, and while this energy giant is under continuing investigation, the chances of a reliable, affordable source of energy seems further off than ever before.

Considering the worldwide move to solar energy, it’s shocking that natural energy sources such as wind and sun are virtually non-existent, especially in one of the best climates for both sources of energy!

The onus now rests on individuals and commerce to make the change to solar energy, while the lights are still on, because the day there won’t be electricity cannot be too far off.

In fact, we were looking at the complete shutdown of Eskom by April 2019, and if that didn’t get everyone scrambling for an alternative energy source then nothing will!

Renewable energy = food security

We are already well-aware of the fact that renewable energy has many advantages as opposed to coal and fossil fuel generated energy. What is seldom discussed is the positive impact that solar energy can have on the predicted global food scarcity we could face by 2050, if we keep going at the current rate.

Renewable energy uses less water to produce energy, and also drastically cuts the amount of fossil fuel emissions that have left our planet reeling through climate change.

With the global population expected to reach 9.8 billion by 2050, our food supplies will be under greater stress than they already are, in which millions are already dying of starvation every day somewhere in the world.

No scare statistics

These are not scare statistics designed to get you to run to your closest solar energy installer, rather, they are the reality we face if we don’t start changing the way we access energy and treat our environment.

Contributing to a sustainable future

Solar energy, whether you’re installing a solar geyser, opting for a Hybrid  or Grid-Tie PV system, is a sustainable solution that cannot be ignored in a country battling with drought in many areas.

Renewable energy not only lowers carbon emissions, it also uses less water in the production of energy, and we cannot afford to waste any more water than we already have.

The coal facts

Coal reserves are fast being depleted in South Africa, which means that we’re no longer bringing in an income from coal exports exporting coal, which should be of great concern to us all.

That said

There’s so much more to say about the huge impact that harnessing the energy of the sun as the source of our energy requirements that there isn’t enough space to go into it now, but it’s worth every moment you spend looking into a brighter future brought about through solar energy.

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