Why choose Renaissance Solar Hot Water Systems first & foremost

Why choose Renaissance Solar Hot Water Systems first & foremost

The solar industry has grown exponentially in the last twenty years, burgeoning into an industry that has proven the fact that South Africa is definitely the darling of the sun, all year round.

Winter or summer, solar water heating in Cape Town beats electric power hands down, for all the major reasons we know already; massive savings on exorbitant electricity bills, and a positive contribution to protecting our environment by using green energy.

Here’s why clients old and new, trust Renaissance with the supply and installation of quality solar hot water systems in Cape Town:


Trust is implicit when dealing with a solar installation company like Renaissance. They have been around long enough to be a stable company that can be counted on to be at the other end of the phone when help or advice is needed, always ready to offer outstanding technical support.

We need this, since the average man in the street needs a team that’ll paint a simple picture of what to expect of our solar water heating system, instead of boggling and confusing us with technical jargon we’ll never grasp.

The simplicity with which this team shares an extensive knowledge of their products and installation processes is the bottom line that inspires confidence and trust.


There are solar water heating systems and then there are solar water heating systems! Nothing less than the very best is considered good enough at Renaissance Solar.

A solar hot water heating system isn’t cheap, but it’s a long term investment you’d like to know will be an excellent ROI, one that will last even beyond its projected life span.

You’ll get the best advice about how to reach the point where an affordable solar water heating system is par for the course, working with this down to earth team around your budget to get the most out of true quality.

Professional service excellence

You just can’t beat the 100% mark given Renaissance Solar by satisfied clients, which is echoed in many different forms in outstanding recommendations that are confidence-inspiring on their very user-friendly website.

You get professional with a stiff upper lip, and then you get sheer professionalism of the calibre that has made the Renaissance team the go-to team for all things solar in Cape Town, the magic ingredient being an open attitude of friendliness and approachability.

These are qualities that are rare in any industry today, harking back to a time when superb customer service was the only guarantee of lasting success.

Passionate harnessing of solar energy

Harnessing the beautiful sun in South Africa is second nature to this team, and they as passionate about it as we are, living in our beautiful Western Cape climate.

If you are privileged enough to live anywhere within two hours of Cape Town, Renaissance Solar will be at your door without wasting any of your valuable time.

Installations are done when, where and how on time, without stalling, completing a job that will exceed expectations, every time.

If you’ve reached the point where you’re tired of being afraid to open your power bill each month, tired of trying to keep up with constant rises in electricity tariffs just to have hot water, it’s time to give the team at Renaissance Solar a call!

Changing the face of the solar industry in Cape Town is their mission, and they’re giving it their all, remaining at the forefront of a driven cause towards solar energy systems installed in every home and business.

List your questions and your requirements, and all will be answered without hesitation by this team of experts at the cost of a simple phone call!

Let Renaissance Solar introduce you to an unwavering commitment to sharing the fundamentals that lead to the most abundant source of natural energy in South Africa.