The advantages of solar water heating systems in South Africa

If all it takes is just two minutes of sun to provide the world with one year’s worth of energy, for the whole of humanity, imagine just how fortunate we are to be living in sunny South Africa!

Europe ahead of South Africa

Most areas in Europe only have around a thousand hours of sun per year, yet they’re are far ahead of South Africa in terms of installing a huge majority of the world’s solar energy systems.

The move towards solar energy is increasing every year in South Africa, but we can definitely do with a lot more solar panels being in evidence on our rooftops to catch up with the less fortunate countries in the world.

Solar radiation average comparison

The following comparison should make us seriously question why Europe would be so far ahead of South Africa in the solar energy stakes; they are as follows –

South Africa 220W/m2

USA 150W/m2

Europe and UK 100 W/m2

Based on these comparisons, let’s look at what solar water heating (SWH) systems can do for South African households.

Hot water; the highest energy consumer in homes

Considering that heating water is responsible for the highest consumption of power in the average home, this is the place that most who’ve moved to solar energy have placed their investment.

And an investment it is, one that initially seems pretty steep, but that comes with great benefits and payback periods that are getting shorter by the year as solar panels come down in price.

If a SWH system provides you with up to 80% of your hot water needs, what does that say about the exorbitant electricity costs you’re paying now, and getting nothing back in return?

We certainly don’t have a stable supply of electricity in our country, and unless you’re comfortable with having your hot showers interrupted by blackouts, a solar hot water heating system is a guarantee of a warm shower, even if it’s by candlelight!

The basics of what you need to move to a SWH system

  • Solar collectors- flat plate panel or evacuated tubes
  • Storage tank – geyser
  • Timer – to manage your system and show you the temperature
  • Pump – only if geyser is below the panel

While this looks very simple, the fact is that we need people who are on the cutting edge of solar energy in South Africa to help us put them together, to help us understand exactly what we need, and then to install a system that works as it should, and will last as long as promised, and beyond!

Renaissance Solar in Cape Town comes to the rescue

The focus at Renaissance Solar has always been to provide affordable, quality solar hot water systems in Cape Town, putting at the service of clients their knowledge and commitment to quality products, without reservation.

What this means, in essence, is that you’ll have a team on your side that has over 10 years’ experience to bring to the table when you decide to step out  from under the yoke of exorbitant electricity costs, and into the future with an investment in a solar water heating system.

As one of only twelve solar hot water installation companies accredited by the City of Cape Town, it’s clear that the standard of service and level of installations carried out by Renaissance Solar will meet all the criteria that make them a company worth trusting with your investment.

No challenge too big or too small

Renaissance Solar is no shrinking violet when it comes to the size of hot water systems or PV solutions they are able to offer. After 10 years in the industry, this team has the infrastructure to install the best in solar solutions, no matter how big or small the challenge is.

Whether it’s a solar hot water system for your home or a large commercial installation you’re planning, rest assured that Renaissance Solar has everything needed to deliver all that’s expected, and more!

Make sure that you’re on the cutting edge of all the advantages that solar water heating systems offer by contacting Renaissance Solar today. Let this friendly, knowledgeable team offer you all the support you deserve as you transition to solar energy.

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