Solar PV Installers Near Me?


If the latest round of load shedding and the April 1st Eskom tariff increase has finally done it for you, and you’re ready to take solar power seriously, you may be asking the question; solar PV installers near me?

If you live in Cape Town and are looking for solar PV installers you can trust with your move to solar power, you’ll find that Renaissance Solar will more than meet your requirements.

Having started out in 2009 with a commitment to offering affordable solar hot water systems, this team of solar experts easily moved into supplying and installing solar PV systems, each designed to meet the individual energy requirements of customers.

Renaissance Solar installing partners have, to date, delivered the largest number of solar PV commercial projects in South Africa, giving them the experience and knowledge necessary to make your investment in a solar PV system give you all that you expect of it.

Solar PV installers near me?

With their own highly qualified team of installers available to handle smaller commercial and residential solar PV installations, Renaissance Solar is able to offer a variety of financial offerings to meet with your budget.

If you live in Cape Town, anywhere from Bantry Bay to Bloubergstrand, Camps Bay to Gordon’s Bay, Noordhoek to Stellenbosch and everywhere in-between, Renaissance Solar will be on your doorstep to deliver service excellence.

This service excellence you can look forward to is very clear from customer testimonials, which is always a good place to start when you’re looking for a company you can trust with the investment in solar power!

It’s inspirational that a company with so many years in the solar industry has built and maintained this fantastic reputation, which only comes from this kind of real-life feedback from customers.  

Grid Tie, Off Grid or Hybrid Solar PV system?

Installing a Hybrid solar PV system or Grid Tie solar PV system will involve being attached to the grid to some extent, whereas the Off Grid solar PV system means that you’ll be completely independent of the grid.

Depending on how far off the grid you want to go, Renaissance Solar will work with you to design the perfect solar PV system to suit your energy requirements, using the very latest in solar power solutions on the market.

Another electricity tariff hike…and more to come!

As of the first of April 2022, the price of electricity went from around R1.33 per kWh to around R1.46 per kWh, an increase that is separate from a proposed July increase of 7.47%, which will apply to municipal customers, according to an article in Business Tech on the 4th of April.

In addition to this, and in a severely belaboured economy, Eskom has already pushed for a 20.5% tariff increase for the 2023 financial year, an increase that has come with the warning ‘that the hike is necessary for the continuation of Eskom’s operations’! 

There is an inherent threat in this short sentence, a threat serious enough to make you do whatever is necessary to invest in a solar PV system sooner rather than later!

Contact Renaissance Solar today to find out more about what this friendly, down-to-earth team can do to make your move to solar power a lot easier than you may think!


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