Skyrocketing electricity rates post COVID-19 won’t be any prettier than they are now

Economies have crashed, millions of jobs have been lost, and nations across the globe have woken up to a completely different world on the heels of the COVID-19 pandemic…and it’s not going to recover overnight, irrespective of vaccines and other measures that may finally put an end to it.

First world countries with hitherto stable economies are suddenly battling, but, few of these can relate to what has happened to South Africans with an already embattled economy declared junk status on top of it all.

Our people were struggling to keep head above water in an economy that was already weak before this the double whammy of junk status and COVID-19, but, what others don’t have to deal with worldwide, is a power giant which is crumbling and which has complete monopoly, and with it, a total stranglehold on households simply trying to keep the lights on.

Being lulled into a false sense of security based on the fact that there has been no load shedding recently, is just that, false security. However, black outs will return and sadly, along with these, will be electricity rates that can do no more than to escalate right out of reach of struggling households, many of whom have lost at least one income.

When the cost is counted by the time businesses may start opening again, electricity will be a luxury, and in the wake of this, the option of installing solar panels, solar hot water systems or PV systems will make more sense than ever before…and solar energy has always made sense!

It can’t be stressed enough that prices on solar panels alone are consistently decreasing, along with many other components, as developers and manufacturers keep pushing the envelope in terms of solar technology.

It’s going to take a bite out of your budget right now, but, opting for solar power on any level, even if just to install a solar geyser or solar water heating system, will be an investment that will continue paying exceptional dividends for at the least 20 to 25 years.

Count up what it costs just to heat water in your home or business, and then weigh it up against a payback period of between 3 – 4 years (depending on the size of course), and the decision will be a lot more palatable to make.

Think of it this way; you pay a hefty chunk of change for electricity every month but get absolutely nothing back, and then think about what you get at the end of your payback period; free hot water, and/or power for the foreseeable future!

Although physical doors remain closed for now during lockdown, if you’re thinking about making the switch to solar, speak to the awesome team of experts at Renaissance Solar. They are passionate about solar power and they’ll help you to lay the groundwork for breaking the stranglehold Eskom has on you. They also may just be one of the business categories allowed to operate during Level 4 – so watch the news.

Experience and a great reputation make this a team you can trust with your investment. They supply only the best in SABS approved solar products, and, through their commitment to service excellence, they’ll make sure you’re able to make informed decisions based on honest to goodness, down to earth guidance.

Not much else may be working right now, but the phones and internet still are, which means there’ll always be a member of the team at Renaissance Solar on standby to answer any of your questions, so, whether you’re looking at a solar water heating system or PV solar system in Cape Town, Renaissance Solar is ready to serve!

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