PV Solar Electricity?    

Wondering about PV solar electricity? Especially about the positive impact it could have on your life in a day and age when electricity tariffs are skyrocketing, and load shedding is almost a natural event in all our lives.

Well, you may be surprised to learn that South Africa imported a massive R2.2 billion worth of PV solar panels, just in the first five months of 2022, according to a Reuters analysis of customs data.

This goes to show the huge movement towards getting in on solar power, when it comes to residential properties and businesses, most of whom have already seen exceptional savings in the first year of changing over to PV solar electricity.

In a Businesstech Article on the 15th August 2022, Frank Spencer, Spokesman for the South African Photovoltaic Industry Association said; “It’s completely unrecognised by the government as to how big an industry it’s become”, he said, “it’s a silent revolution”, and he definitely hit the nail on the head here.

The demand for PV solar electricity is growing in leaps and bounds, and nothing is going to stop it now, especially not in sunny South Africa!

PV solar electricity?

If we’re looking at the most common PV solar systems today, it would have to be the Grid Tie PV solar system or Hybrid Solar system, from Renaissance Solar in Cape Town.

This local team has gone to bat to make it as easy as possible for the average South African to start wherever they can, to build the right PV solar system to meet their energy requirements.

Most systems can be upgraded as your budget allows for it, but keep in mind that Renaissance Solar has finance offers available that might just be right up your alley for a start.

Talking about starting, let’s begin with the least expensive PV system to install, which is the Load-Shedder. The Load Shedder consists of an Inverter and Batteries, which is exactly what you need to get you through load shedding, without interruption.

Next step up, we have the Grid Tie PV solar system. This system is a less expensive system to begin with, however, it is still connected to the power grid, which as we all know, isn’t the most stable.

The Grid Tie PV solar system is made up of solar panels and an inverter, but doesn’t have a backup battery, which means that you won’t be able to enjoy your favourite cup of java when load shedding hits.

Taking the next step up, we get to the Hybrid PV solar system, which, due to the inclusion of backup batteries, is a more expensive system than the Grid Tie system.

Because the backup batteries are charged by the sun during the day, you’ll have all the power you need to get through load shedding, which means you’ll hardly notice when it’s happening, unless you step outside to see your town in darkness.

Work with Renaissance Solar for the best in PV solar electricity!

Whether you’re ready to invest in solar power, or simply have a 100 questions to ask, contact Renaissance Solar to find out more about how they can work with you to design the perfect system to meet your power requirements, and still have some left over!

The team at Renaissance Solar will register your system with the City of Cape Town on your behalf, as all PV solar systems have to be registered for authorisation; this is customer service at its best!  

If you’d like to know a little more about this awesome team, you simply have to check out the testimonials of their customers, to know that you’ll be onto a good thing by choosing this team to take you into the future of solar power.


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