PV Solar Cost?

Although attitudes are fast changing towards investing in PV solar systems, in light of ever-increasing electricity tariffs, the knee-jerk response for many, at first, is to ask the question; PV solar cost?

This is totally understandable in an economy that has the average South African tightening belts to a constricting level, leaving little room for saving, and the cutting down on many things that are now considered a luxury.

For instance, a holiday or even a weekend away has become more of a luxury than ever before for many, but that’s something we can all find a way to come to terms with and find ways around, if we have to.

What we can’t come to terms with or find ways around is our reliance on electricity, which at current prices and predicted escalations is on the fast track towards becoming a luxury, no longer a basic human right.

In South Africa we have been forced to live with and accept regular rounds of load shedding and the attendant losses that ultimately affect all of us, whether as a result of having food spoil in freezers, or paying an even higher price at the supermarket due to the increased cost of keeping the power on.

There is only one way to change this scenario and begin to live with a source of energy we can rely on, and that’s to set aside preconceived ideas about the cost of PV solar systems and start looking at the facts.

PV solar cost?

Finding out what a PV solar system will cost you isn’t a thumb suck; it’s very much about looking at the size and type of system that will meet your energy requirements, which will obviously vary from home to home and business to business.

Where to start with collecting the facts about the cost of PV solar systems in Cape Town would be at Renaissance Solar. Why this solar company though? 

Well, they’ve been in the solar industry since 2009, giving them the level of local experience necessary to supply and install quality PV solar systems in the unique climate experienced only in Cape Town.

Renaissance Solar customers rave about them, as you can see for yourself from testimonials, and the passion this team has for service excellence, along with an attention to detail which has made them a trusted name to be relied on in the industry.

PV solar choices from Renaissance Solar

The fundamentals of what a PV solar system will cost you begins with your choice of system, and how the team at Renaissance Solar will work with you to lay the groundwork for an efficient system to accomplish all you want it to, whether it’s just to keep the lights on and freezers going during load shedding, or whether you want the system to be your main source of electricity.

The choices of PV systems at Renaissance Solar range from designing the ideal Hybrid PV solar system to a Grid Tie PV solar system, whichever suits what you require of the system. 

If you’re not ready for a major step, there’s also the option of the Load-shedding PV system, which is the least expensive option to start with, but which comes without a PV panel.

Keeping the costs of PV solar low!

In terms of PV solar costs, you can rely on Renaissance Solar to maintain their commitment to keeping their prices low, working to create PV solar systems that will honour your budget, and still give you room to grow your system in the future.

Set your mind at ease by contacting the friendly team at Renaissance Solar to get a handle on the facts surrounding the type of PV solar system that would suit your requirements, and what kind of costs you may be looking at.

This will give you the solid foundation you need in order to be able to make an informed decision about cutting ties with Eskom and relying on the sun to keep the lights on!

These are people who love what they do and are more than willing to share their knowledge and experience, to make a difference in the lives of those they introduce to the freedom and security that comes from investing in solar energy.


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