PV in Solar Meaning?

Want to get a grip on the basics of PV in solar meaning? This is generally where most of us go when we get to the point of seriously considering a move to solar energy, and begin facing some of the most common terminology attached to taking that first step.

With two major types of solar technology dominating the scene, mainly that of photovoltaic (PV) and of solar thermal technology, it is mainly photovoltaic solar technology that makes up what you see on rooftops today, powering both homes and businesses.

PV in solar meaning

At its most basic, solar photovoltaic is a perfectly designed technology that allows for electricity to be produced directly from the sun, without the use of any moving parts.

The origin of the term photovoltaics is from the Greek word ‘phōs’, which means light, and the word volt, named by physicist Alessandro Volta, who invented the first electric battery in the mid-1700’s.

We’ve come a long way since then, no doubt, and with the advent of photovoltaic solar technology, the world of energy production from the sun has catapulted mankind into choosing solar energy as the best source of free energy available today.

The makeup of a PV solar panel

Single Photovoltaic cells are very small and on their own wouldn’t be much use, however, when these small cells are connected (or strung) together, they become the very efficient PV solar panels we see on rooftops today.

PV cells are most commonly made of silicone because of its semiconducting properties, and when the sun shines directly on these cells in the solar panel, an electric field is created, from which you’re able to receive a reliable, stable source of electricity for your home.

Although a strong sun is the ideal in terms of getting the most out of PV solar panels, they are still able to produce sufficient electricity even in cloudy weather.

Technically speaking, strings of the small solar cells are created under glass in order to form photovoltaic modules, which is simply what a PV solar panel is in its complete form.

Mounted on existing rooftops, these PV solar panels are designed to last up to and beyond 25 to 30 years, making them one of the best investments in terms of assuring yourself of a guaranteed, phenomenal ROI.

Maintenance-free PV solar panels

If you’re ready to seriously consider investing in a PV solar system, then it’s time to speak to the passionate experts at Renaissance Solar in Cape Town.

With local professionals like this on your side, you can count on quality PV solar panels that will not require any maintenance, other than giving them a clean every now and then, which is seldom necessary in a high rainfall area like Cape Town.

The team at Renaissance Solar will always be available to you, before, during and after the installation of your PV solar system, ready to assist you with keeping your system operating at maximum efficiency.

Ultimately, like most of us who simply want to be rid of our reliance on an extremely expensive, unstable and unreliable power grid that often plunges us into darkness, all we want is to know that the move to solar energy will keep the lights on and the water hot.

In this case, the technicalities of what PV in solar means loses its importance, especially when you get to deal with a down-to-earth, people and quality-oriented team at Renaissance Solar.

Trust, quality and affordable PV solar systems are the basis of the success enjoyed by Renaissance Solar, so expect the best when you contact this team with any questions about moving to solar energy!


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