Lower electricity costs by up to 50% by investing in a solar water heating system.

Lower electricity costs by up to 50% by investing in a solar water heating system.

Considering the cost of electricity today, and the fact that heating water accounts for up to 50% of your electricity bill, it’s not surprising that South Africans are switching from conventional geysers to solar geysers.

We’ve come a full circle since prehistoric man enjoyed the benefits the sun brought to warm their caves and to cure their meat.

A century or so after electricity was first used in homes, it’s become so expensive just to heat water that we’re going back to relying on the power of the sun to deliver free energy, which is pretty ironic when you think about how we started out.

Aside from the exorbitant tariffs we pay for electricity in South Africa, its time for us to be proactive about the steep price we’ve exacted on our environment in our eternal search for bigger, better and faster.

If you’re ready to start saving a fortune on electricity, then installing a solar geyser is going to be the best first step to take in breaking the back of continuing tariff increases.

As the 14th highest emitter of greenhouse gases, every solar panel installed in South Africa increases our chances of saving our beautiful natural environment, which is even more important than saving money on electricity in the present!

All new homes or commercial buildings being constructed today are built with the addition of solar geysers, proving that renewable energy is far more than a passing trend.

Even if your home isn’t a new build, installing solar panels and a solar geyser is going to up the value of your property significantly, making it well worth the initial investment.

Quality solar panels and solar geysers aren’t a Mickey Mouse investment, in fact to most of us it can take a pretty big chunk out of our budget, but the return on investment is huge.

So, if electricity prices under a monopoly are set to keep escalating, and solar panels are coming down in price, doesn’t the idea of having free energy four to six years after your initial investment get you thinking about solar energy seriously?

Why choose Renaissance Solar to install your solar geyser in Cape Town?


Renaissance Solar has been around the block enough since 2009 for you to feel completely confident in the knowledge and experience this team brings to the table with every solar installation.

Since every installation is unique, expertise like this is necessary to ensure that yours is the right solar water heating system to suit your requirements.


High quality solar panels and products make all the difference when it comes to the lifespan of your solar water heating system, and at Renaissance Solar this means using only SABS approved products.

Manufacturer warrantees guarantee that you can expect a high standard of workmanship and performance from the solar products used in every Renaissance Solar installation.

Outstanding backup service:

Knowing that you’ll have the full backup service from a company that’s been around for a long time, and will be far into the future, is essential.  You won’t be hung out to dry if and when any issues arise after the successful installation of your solar water heating system.


The fact that Renaissance Solar uses solar products that contain a high proportion of local material, means that despite the quality of their products, they’re able to offer affordable solar products in Cape Town.

Last but not least:

When you choose Renaissance Solar to install your solar water heating system in Cape Town, you’ll be dealing with a friendly, down-to-earth team that’s more than happy to share a passion for the future of solar energy with you.

If you’re ready to take the leap into a future free of high electricity tariffs, let the team at Renaissance Solar light the way for you.