Lead-acid or Lithium-ion batteries – which is best for your solar system?

While we haven’t reached the point of no return where it comes to using lead-acid batteries in solar systems, there is certainly growing interest in lithium batteries, which has led to a lot of debate about lead-acid batteries versus lithium-ion batteries.

This is of course only natural with the giant leaps in solar energy technology in terms of all components used in any solar system.

What’s also natural, is that with every advance in solar technology it becomes cheaper to invest this natural, universal power, which is always good news in our very wobbly economy.

Although lead-acid batteries are more affordable than lithium-ion batteries, and have been the go-to battery in PV Hybrid Systems for aeons, the move to lithium-ion batteries makes sense from the point of view that they last longer than acid-batteries and are also more resilient.

There’s still no such thing as right or wrong when it comes to the battery you choose for your solar system, despite comparisons.

The lead-acid battery is a tried and tested technology used in solar systems for as long as they’ve been around, so there’s no reason to doubt their ability to perform as well as ever, if not better than ever.

While lithium-ion batteries do offer a longer life cycle, the fact that they’re still a bit more expensive is a major factor in the choice that people make when venturing into the world of solar energy.

It still makes sense to stick with what has worked, however, if that’s what your budget extends to, but with the rapid advances in technology the financial gap between these two battery options has closed a lot, which is something to look forward to.

Continuing research into prolonging the lifespan of batteries used in solar systems means that we can look forward to a time when batteries will last longer and longer, contributing to the reduction of prices in solar energy technology.

So, as of the present moment, there’s no reason to doubt the effectiveness of lead-acid batteries, or that of lithium-ion batteries, but, if you have the budget it’s worth splashing out on a lithium battery for an extended lifespan, a greater Depth of Discharge (DoD) and higher resilience.

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