Is There Anything Better Than Solar Panels?

What was the question again? Oh yes, is there anything better than solar panels? Nope, simple and straightforward, at least not for the average homeowner or business owner!

There are other renewable energy resources of course, however, there are none that can offer the consistency of electricity that solar panels do, especially in sunny South Africa.

There’s wind energy, tidal energy, geothermal energy, biomass and biofuel or hydroelectric power, but how do you figure any of these working in your backyard?

At best, you could try a small windmill, that is if you have a consistent wind you can rely on daily to generate any electricity, but, nothing can beat the practicality or consistency of electricity generation that PV (Photovoltaic) solar panels offer.

Is there anything better than solar panels?

The only way that a homeowner can venture into the sphere of wind energy is if they live in a region that has a lot of wind and, if they have a very large piece of land on which to mount wind turbines.

There is only one little benefit that wind may have over solar, and that is that if the wind is blowing, you’ll be able to generate power 24 hours a day, whereas solar panels rely on the sun’s rays in order to generate electricity, and the sun does go down every day, no matter where you live.

If the wind is blowing 24 hours a day, you must be living in a tough spot, to say the least! Aside from this, the expense of maintaining all the moving parts that need tender-loving care, very frequently, to keep the energy coming, is seriously high!

It’s just so much easier and far less expensive to rely on PV solar panels in Cape Town, despite the sometimes brutal winds that buffet this coast.

Perhaps large-scale commercial businesses in the right areas can afford to build and maintain wind-farms on a bigger scale, but, for the average homeowner, it’s just not worth it.

Introducing Renaissance Solar in Cape Town!

Now that we’ve gotten a better handle on the lack of viability where it comes to other renewable energy resources as discussed above, let’s introduce you to one of the top, big-hearted solar companies in Cape Town.

This is Renaissance Solar, and many of their customers will be more than happy to tell you about what it’s like to work with true professionals, who put their money where their mouths are and are passionate about quality.

The team at Renaissance Solar will work with you to find the perfect solar solution to meet your energy requirements, of this you can be absolutely certain. 

You won’t be wasting your time with people like this who take service excellence to its highest level. They care for their customers from day 1, through the installation and long after installation too.

Whether you’re looking at starting with a high-quality, SABS-approved and locally produced solar hot water system, or, are more interested in moving further off our unstable grid, this team will tailor-make your solar solution, while taking great care of your budget.

Renaissance Solar supplies and installs Photovoltaic (PV) Systems, including Hybrid, Grid Tie or Off Grid systems in and around Cape Town and larger commercial PV systems nationally. 

Their stable reputation, gained in over a decade in the industry, has qualified this team to tackle any PV solar system, whether on a large commercial scale or on a residential level.

If you live anywhere from Bantry Bay to Durbanville, from Obs to Stellenbosch and Tableview, or anywhere in-between, you simply have to bring your dreams of owning a solar system to Renaissance Solar, if you want it done right, from start to finish and beyond!




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