Eskom places a further economic strain on South Africans in the midst of COVID-19 with tariff hike

At a time when many South Africans are still unable to return to work due to COVID-19, Eskom has just implemented a tariff hike of 8.76% for Eskom direct customers and an additional 6.9% for municipal customers.

Many small to medium businesses have taken serious knocks during lockdown, with many having to shut their doors, while even more people have lost their income, all of which happened without warning, and now this hike!

Will this mean nights of torchlight and candlelight, showers that can only be afforded every third day, in order to keep food on the table and still have electricity?

When you’re weighing up the cost of electricity from Eskom, and the cost of installing solar panels, you’d be best served by knowing that Eskom will still be fighting for a massive 16% increase this financial year and even worse, they want a 45% increase to be implemented over the next three years.

Though Nersa granted them only a 22.3% hike, Eskom is going back to taking further legal action to get their own way and cripple the economy even further for us average Joe’s.

This is definitely the time you need the solar experts at Renaissance Solar on your side, to bring clarity to what it really costs to install solar panels, a PV solar system or solar geyser, in comparison with what you will continue to pay with each tariff hike from Eskom in the foreseeable future.

This is the time to get off the fence and make the choice for solar power if you prefer to spend your money on a worthwhile payback period for a solar system, rather than throwing good money after bad with exorbitant electricity tariff increases.

Watching the worsening energy crises in South Africa, the team at Renaissance Solar couldn’t possibly be more passionate about helping families to invest hard earned cash into solar energy.

They know the true value of an investment in solar energy and meet their customers halfway, working hard to make it possible for their customers to move to solar power, without breaking the bank.

Renaissance Solar has been supplying solar power systems in Cape Town for 11 years already, making them the trusted go-to team for solar solutions that range from solar hot water systems, Hybrid and Grid-tie PV systems as well as heat pumps.

The focus of this team is on quality solar products, reliability and integrity, along with a commitment to superb back-up service, making Renaissance Solar a company that is easy to approach and to trust with a major investment like this.

Whether you need a few solar panels for a small home or an entire roof of panels at your commercial premises, Renaissance Solar will deliver. Great news is that they not only install solar systems in Cape Town itself, but also extend their services to any area 2 hours out of the city.

Break free from perpetual electricity tariff increases and contact this awesome team to find out more about just how much solar power will change your life, as well as how to go about planning the right system to meet your power requirements.

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