Due east or due west – which is best for solar panels

Due east or due west – which is best for solar panels

So, before going to the crux of what’s best, east or west, we need to look at just how much you’d benefit from placing your solar energy dreams into the hands of the team at Renaissance Solar in Cape Town.

Turning your plans for harnessing the sun into a reality starts with finding a team like this who care about people, who are passionate about using locally manufactured products of high quality, and are driven to offer superb service.

This is how Renaissance Solar has kept growing since it was first established in 2009, taking out into the field the message that high quality, SABS approved solar products can be affordable enough to suit the budget of every South African household.

So, to the matter of which is best, due south or due east

Actually, if you’re looking for maximum efficiency out of your solar panels, it’d be great to have them perpendicular to the sun, so that they can follow the sun from east to west, but, and it’s a big but, it’s going to cost!

The fact that having the solar panels perpendicular to the sun is also difficult, is another reason that most homeowners opt to have the panels set around 30 degrees, facing north.

So, where does installing the solar systems due east or due west come into the picture?

Here’s where

What happens in the morning?

Everything! You’ll want that first cuppa java if you’re a caffeine junkie, and, if you hanker for a Jamie Oliver breakfast of hearty rich porridge, or a true South African breakfast with all the trimmings, all the power you need will be available, directly from the sun!

And in the middle of the day?

All the lean and hungry appliances like the dishwasher and washing machine come into their own late morning. And when the sun is at its peak, you can bring out the power tools to tackle all those DIY tasks you keep putting off or…if you’re feeling particularly energetic after lunch, mow the lawn! (Could earn you much needed brownie points!)

What about late afternoon?

Well, this is the time you’ll be wanting to get that roast into the oven to produce perfection for dinner or, plan on delivering a delicious home baked apple pie that’ll hit the sweet spot perfectly!

If you’ve got a little extra left in the tank, you could always bake a loaf of homemade bread to add to the beloved bread bin!

…and off-peak use?

This is where east or west facing solar panels come into their own.  Their total energy production may be less than that of panels facing due north, but the point of east or west-facing panels is that you’ll have electricity when you’re going to need it most.

Don’t go for the Mickey Mouse version of a solar system!

This is where the team at Renaissance Solar will help you to be absolutely sure that once you’ve made the big decision about installing solar panels, you won’t be disappointed with their delivery of solar power.

Cheap will cost more and leave you frustrated!

Speak to them about the voltage you’ll need and the right inverter to get everything up and running the way it should on the power of the sun!

Contact Renaissance Solar in Cape Town if you’re ready for a solar geyser, solar water heating system, and Hybrid or Grid-Tied PV system in Cape Town, with the full turn-key systems on offer by this team, you’ll have everything pointing in the right direction!