Do Solar Panels Work at Night?

Wondering about the question; do solar panels work at night? Well, this could seem like a strange question to ask, since we all know that solar panels need sunlight in order to be able to generate power. 

However, before heading for a straight answer to this question, let’s look at how to make the most of your solar panels at night, because that is possible.

Understanding about peak sunlight hours and how many hours your solar panels need in order to function at optimal levels, is also something to understand when you enter the world of solar panels.

Understanding these questions will help you learn how a solar system can and does work during the night, as well as during cloudy, rainy days, helping you to get the greatest benefit out of your system, without worrying about what happens when the sun goes down.

Do solar panels work at night?

As you’ve probably figured out by now, without sunlight your solar panels aren’t going to work. This is mainly due to the fact that the PV (Photovoltaic) cells need sunlight in order to function properly. Once sunlight hits the cells, electrons are released, which is the process that generates electricity.

The good news, however, is that despite the fact that solar panels are not able to operate without sunlight, using peak sun hours allows you to store the energy the panels have been able to generate during these hours through the incorporation of batteries.

Solar power detractors from yester-year

In the first years since the birth of solar power, its obvious drawback was the fact that the sun doesn’t shine 24 hours a day, which put a lot of homeowners off.

Their greatest fear, when it came to investing in solar systems, was that they would be left without power on rainy, cloudy days and at night, but a lot has changed since then to make solar panels work for you at night.

Those who have a clear understanding of solar technology understood that the only way to change this problem would be to find a way to store the energy generated during sunlight hours, and use this to overcome the problem of storing this accumulated energy.

The advent of solar batteries

The huge advances made in solar storage technology has meant that being able to store accumulated solar power has come a long way, which has had a major impact on the way that people view the real benefits of solar power today, night and day!

There are a variety of batteries available on the market today, however, this is one of the most important components in your system, and the choice of battery you make will have a major impact on how far the stored power from the solar panels will last through the night.

As with any other solar component involved in a solar PV system, you need to work with a team of solar experts who have your best interests at heart, who will listen to your requirements and make sure you have quality components that’ll give you a system that benefits you in every way.

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