Contact Renaissance Solar in Cape Town to get ahead of dire load shedding predictions in 2021!

With a passionate determination to provide quality solar products at affordable prices, Renaissance Solar is at the forefront of making it as easy as possible for homes and businesses to be run off solar power, freeing all from exorbitant electricity tariffs and predicted load shedding!

Renaissance Solar is a company that has earned a trusted reputation throughout the years since they first started operating in 2009, giving them the long-term experience needed to ensure their customers get the best out of any solar system and/or Solar Hot Water System installation carried out by this team.

Having been in the industry for so long already, has placed Renaissance Solar in a position to have formed essential long-term relationships with the right installing partners, as well as with local manufacturers of high quality SABS approved solar panels and products.

Considering the plethora of solar companies in the Cape, it is a matter of pride that Renaissance Solar is one of only 12 Solar Hot Water Installation companies that have been accredited by the City of Cape Town, which is high praise indeed.

This is a down-to-earth team of experts that are always willing to work with clients to get to the nitty gritty of exactly what the client requirements are, and from there, to aim towards accomplishing each project within a given budget, to deliver on time, every time!

Service excellence is a given when dealing with this team that offers full turn-key systems, Hybrid, Grid Tie and Off Grid Solar PV systems that are designed to offer clients the very latest in Solar Power Solutions in Cape Town.

In their determination to assist people to break the chains of Eskom and its ever-escalating tariff increases, this team will work with residential clients and those with smaller commercial properties to offer a range of financial solutions to cater to individual installations.

As for larger installations, Renaissance Solar has been able to set up a few funding models that won’t include a capital layout, which is a lot more than most solar companies would dare to do!

They’ve already delivered and installed the largest number of Solar PV commercial installations in the Western Cape, offering such comprehensive solar solutions that they’re able to see you through from the drawing board to final installation of your brand new solar hot water system or PV system.

To most of us, terms like Off Grid, Grid Tied or Hybrid Photo Voltaic Systems (PV Systems) sound as if they come from another planet, which is exactly why we need people’s people like the team at Renaissance Solar to lead the way for us.

They’ll decipher everything for you; the only things you need to do is to bring your dream of breaking free from Eskom, of soaking up the sun to power your home or business, and your budget!

From there you’ll find you’re working with a team that really does have your best interests at heart, which is another rarity in business these days, and, they’ll be around long after final installation to provide you with backup service second to none!

Should you need a little more incentive to move to solar power, even if you start with a Renaissance Solar Hot Water System, take a few minutes to watch this dire load shedding forecast from eNCA posted on the 16th January 2021!

If anything, all that you hear in this forecast is just the tip of the iceberg! We’re not even going to get into the frightening predictions about electricity tariff increases here, increases that’ll simply continue on an upward trajectory well into the future.

Contact the team at Renaissance Solar today to find out how to go about taking the supply of energy into your own hands, for your home and for your business, the right way!


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