Can Solar PV Heat Water

With an average of 2500 hours of sunshine every year in South Africa, it makes sense to take the first step towards solar energy by investing in a solar hot water system.

Once you’ve tasted the financial rewards that a solar hot water system will bring, you might feel more and more inclined towards moving even further off the grid.

Imagine a day when the only way you know that there’s load shedding, is when you go to a shop chugging along on a generator!

Now we know this bliss doesn’t come cheap, but it works out to a lot less at the end of the day when you’re able to heat your water with solar energy, and also keep vital appliances running safely through any load shedding.

For most of us the question ‘can solar PV heat water’ will arise, especially since heating water adds a huge chunk to your electricity bill, but that’s where we turn to dedicated professionals such as those at Renaissance Solar, to give us direction on our way to free hot water!

Can solar PV heat water

Absolutely yes! With solar PV panels heating your water, the average household of four can look at savings of up to 40% on your electricity bill, savings that’ll ultimately make the payback period far easier than might be thought.

Save on paying carbon tax!

If you’re a business owner, you’ll really score on every electricity bill, especially if you want to avoid paying a carbon tax imposed by the South African government, which is ‘committed to ambitious greenhouse gas emissions reductions of 42% by 2025’.

If you’re using above this percentage, you’ll be penalized, which goes for individuals and businesses. It’s really about changing consumer behavior in a climate that’s perfect for perpetual solar energy.

Time to make the change!

With 2022 a few weeks away, it’s time to make the change to solar water heating systems, Hybrid, Grid Tie or Off Grid PV systems, because when the lights go out for longer than your home or business can handle, it’ll be too late!

PV solar panels help attract buyers

If you want your home to be attractive to buyers, there’s no doubt that solar panels on your roof could be the tipping point in selling your home, enticing buyers with the option of free hot water and free solar energy, if you’ve installed a PV solar system.

Components of a solar water heating system

A solar water heating system comprises of a geyser and a solar panel, it’s that simple.

The team at Renaissance Solar will work with you to determine exactly what your hot water requirements will be, refining this to the point where you’ll know exactly how many solar panels you’ll need, as well as what size geyser you’ll need.

This team is passionate about service excellence for their clients, and go above and beyond to assist you in making informed decisions about everything to do with solar energy.

Quality service, quality products & quality backup service!

When you choose Renaissance Solar to guide you into a future that offers you free hot water, you can have absolute confidence in this team to have your best interests at heart.

They’ll take your budget into account, as they work with you to find the best solar water heating solution to meet all your hot water needs, whether at home or at your business.

Contact this passionate team today if you’re planning to invest in a solar hot water system in Cape Town; they’ll make it simpler and easier for you to step into uncharted territory!




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