Can PV Panels Heat Water?

So, the burning question here is; can PV panels heat water? Well, the straight and simple answer to this is an unequivocal yes! In fact, if you want hot water generated by the rays of the sun, you can choose between a solar hot water panel and a PV panel in order to do so.

But what are PV panels? Not all of us are solar technicians and geniuses, which makes some of these very basic questions essential to us. This is also why, when heading in the direction of buying a solar hot water system, you need people like those at Renaissance Solar on hand, just to simplify the tech speak.

Some of us just do better with mental pictures created for us by experts, rather than ever being able to understand the real science and technology behind something like a Photovoltaic (PV) panel.

Simply put, PV panels are the solar panels that are mounted on your roof, or wherever is best suited to the solar hot water system you choose. If it’s just for your solar hot water system, the PV panel or array won’t be as big as it would be, if you decide you want more than just hot water from the sun.

This is what a PV panel looks like…well, this is actually what’s called an array of PV panels. What it boils down to, is that each of these ‘rectangular’ panels are one PV panel. There are also different PV panel sizes, but this gives you a general idea of what it looks like.


The solar water heating system panel from Renaissance Solar looks like this, as just one example of the difference between the two types of solar panels. There are different sizes of course, but that will depend on your hot water needs. This is the 150lt Flat Plate Close Couple NTS System with an Xstream Geyser.


Now that we have that out of the way…

Can PV panels heat water?

While the answer is yes to this question, as discussed above, one has to take into account that the electricity which is generated by the PV panels are, in general, used to power essential household appliances, keep the lights on and keep mobile devices charged.

With every PV panel that you add to your system, and that’s the way to go if you plan on expanding the system over time, you’ll be getting more free electricity from the sun.

Ultimately, this is what most South Africans dream about, a life without load shedding and prohibitively high electricity tariffs from a power giant that can’t be relied on, except for the inevitable increases!

How long do PV panels last?

Oh yes, this is the other awesomeness that comes with investing in PV solar panels! These panels last 25 to 30 years or more; a better return on your investment simply doesn’t exist in the world of solar energy in South Africa!

Let Renaissance Solar lead the way to quality PV solar solutions!

If you’re in the market for quality solar solutions in Cape Town, whether you’re looking at solar water heating systems, Hybrid, Grid Tie and Off Grid PV systems, the team at Renaissance Solar will make it easy for you to make informed decisions, based on their expertise and genuine customer care!

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