Are you ready for devastating Eskom tariff increases over the next 3 years?

The possibility that electricity is on a fast track to becoming something only the very wealthy will be able to afford, that it would become a luxury rather than a necessity for ordinary South African households, finally arrived in a high court judgement on 29 July 2020, in favour of shattering Eskom tariff increases for the next three years. One shudders to think of what is to come after that!

In an economy we all know had already reached junk status before the arrival of COVID-19, it boggles the mind that anyone can think that with millions of South African’s being left jobless, any family can absorb the increases coming for the next three years.

In the words of energy expert, Chris Yelland in an article in Times Live, ‘the increase in electricity price for the next 3 years, starting on April 1 2021 (not too far off!) will have an additional 10% over and above whatever other price increase was decided by Nersa!’

As an example, the current price increase determined for April 1 2021 stands currently at 5.3%, but, with this judgement, we’re looking at a price increase that’ll be at least 15.3% instead of 5.3%! And this is the minimum increase we can be facing from next year!

How families and businesses are supposed to be able to recover their lives and incomes, with COVID-19 still hanging over our heads like the sword of Damocles, is almost impossible to imagine right now.

If ever there was a time for South Africans to invest in solar energy, the time is now! 

Had any of us been able to see into a future where a giant like Eskom would take food off the table of its own people, through corruption and mismanagement on this scale, we’d all have invested in, at the very least, a solar hot water system, ten years ago!

Here’s an undisputed fact; as electricity tariffs have increased, the cost of solar panels and many other solar products have come down, and they keep decreasing, as more and more families and businesses opt for solar systems, whether in the form of solar hot water systems, Hybrid and Grid Tie PV (Photo Voltaic) Systems or heat pumps.

Whatever our financial positions are right now, we’re still paying a small fortune for electricity to an entity that gives nothing back, instead of finding the most creative ways to raise the finance to invest in a solar system, one that’ll keep giving back for over 25 years! 

As long as it’s not robbing your local bank, there can be no better investment in the future health of your bank account and our environment, than one that goes into solar energy!

As in any industry, there are the good guys and the bad guys in the solar industry, but, if you’re looking for a solar company in Cape Town that has a track record for down-to-earth honesty, and a policy of doing all they can to help their clients to invest in affordable solar products, then you’re at the right place here with Renaissance Solar!

The intentions of this team of experts since 2009, has been to provide affordable solar hot water systems and PV Systems (Hybrid and Grid Tie) to their clients, and their reputation now speaks for itself if one just looks at what some of these clients have to say about this awesome team.

If you’d prefer a brighter future than the one that Eskom has in store for us, speak to the team at Renaissance Solar to find out more about how to start out on the road to totally free energy!


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