Are you closer to investing in solar after stage 6 load shedding?

After the recent stage 6 load shedding schedules by behemoth Eskom, even the smallest solar system has gained even more traction than ever before, and if you’re not among those who’ve taken the step already, now’s the time.

Typical of South Africans, we took it on the chin, and instead of blowing up where we wanted to, the humour came fast and furious, but…everyone suffered in one way or another, with nowhere to turn and no recourse, as usual.

We know that even in 2020 there are still thousands of people in our country who have never experienced the convenience of electricity, and at the rate that electricity rates are continuously sky rocketing, they never will.

However, it won’t only be the geographically disadvantaged people without infrastructure that won’t be able to afford electricity in the near future, it’ll also be the average South African household.

If electricity is to become a luxury only the few can afford, then it’s time to debunk the myth that solar energy is only for those with wealth, because nothing could be further from the truth today.

True, 20 or more years ago when solar systems made their way onto the rooftops of South African homes, it was a bit out of the reach for most, but since then, solar technology has raced towards making solar energy affordable to all.

Solar panels have come down in price drastically, and continue to do so, as do other components, which is making the installation of even the smallest solar system, solar water heating system or solar geyser an investment that just keeps paying dividends.

Paying your electricity every month, that is, after you’ve recovered from the usual shock, is literally flushing the money down the drain, to put it politely.

You get nothing back for it and the wheel just keeps turning, but with an investment in anything solar you’ll have something of infinite value at the end of the payback period, and the stranglehold that Eskom has on all will be broken!

Business suffers with every new round of load shedding, this we know, but, on a smaller scale for each of us, it also costs.  A freezer freshly stocked with goodies you found on special also starts sliding down into the drain as the freezer kicks off and on, and there’s not a thing you can do about it.

Having a solar system just to keep essentials like the fridge, freezer and perhaps a laptop or two powered up for the duration is worth the investment. Add a solar water heating system to this, and you’ll have many years’ worth of free power to bask in.

The solar panel you install will last you upwards of 25 years and the solar geyser upwards of 10 years or more, and through all these years you’ll not be paying a cent for electricity!

If you’ve finally made the decision to beg, borrow or…no, not steal, but you get it, to break the shackles of high electricity tariffs, then speaking to the friendly, professional and experienced team at Renaissance Solar in Cape Town will be a great first step into the world of solar energy.

Every question you may have about solar panels, solar hot water systems or PV systems in Cape Town will be answered by this team with pleasure.

They’ll cut through all the technical gobbledygook that can spin the brightest of minds and simplify it all enough for you to be able to get the full picture of what you can look forward to!

Make the move to solar energy today, before we get to stages 7 and 8 of load shedding, it’s a decision you’ll never regret!

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