Are Solar Diverters Worth It?

Generally, solar panels produce more energy than is needed around the house. Whenever there is an excess, it is sent to the National Grid. You will be charged nearly three times as much if you buy this energy back from a supplier, so it makes sense to hold onto and use as much of your free solar energy as possible.

The excess energy generated by your solar panels can be used in a variety of different ways, depending on your needs. This article examines solar diverters and whether they are worthwhile.

What Is a Solar Diverter?

The purpose of a solar diverter is to divert excess electricity from your solar panel to your hot water cylinder (equal to the amount of electricity exported to the grid).

The system measures the flow of electricity entering and leaving your home, including the excess electricity generated by your solar system. Whenever surplus solar generation is detected, it diverts the excess electricity to your hot water cylinder rather than exporting it to the grid. As a result, your water heating will no longer be dependent on grid-supplied electricity, but instead will be powered by excess solar energy.

A temperature probe is also included which attaches to the hot water cylinder. When the cylinder temperature falls below the minimum allowable temperature, this device draws electricity from the grid to maintain the temperature of your water.

If there is no solar diverter, the system will provide electricity for home appliances as required at the time, while the excess electricity will be exported directly to the power grid.

It is well known that batteries are the most efficient way to store excess electricity generated by solar energy systems. For customers who are seeking a more cost-effective option, the investment in batteries can present a barrier. Having a solar diverter is definitely a wise addition for homeowners with standard hot water cylinders and solar power systems or for those considering installing one.

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