Are PV Solar Panels Worth It

The short answer to the question ‘are PV solar panels worth it’ is a resounding yes! The phenomenal growth of the solar industry in South Africa is testimony to the real value attached to switching from Eskom power to an eternal renewable source of energy, harvested freely from the sun.

Being a privileged country that enjoys more sunshine hours a year than most European countries, which are already deeply entrenched in using solar power instead of environmentally destructive coal-powered electricity, South Africans are investing more and more in PV solar panels as their source of power and hot water.

Are PV solar panels worth it

The cost benefits of switching to solar power for home owners and business owners are infinite once the payback period is over.

Though there are still many who are reluctant, due to the initial outlay for PV solar panels, with solar companies like Renaissance Solar in Cape Town doing all they can with finance options, it’s becoming easier and easier to step into a future free of high electricity bills.

The resulting cost-effectiveness, along with the real benefits to our environment has been the major force driving people to invest in solar products like never before.

Here’s a picture that speaks a thousand words about investing in solar energy!

Quality products approved by the City of Cape Town

Renaissance Solar deals in nothing but high quality solar products, bringing you full turn-key systems and tailored systems to suit every requirement, whether for residential, commercial or industrial applications.

On the menu with this professional team you’ll find Hybrid, Grid Tie and Off Grid Solar PV Systems, along with high quality solar hot water systems and solar geysers.

Rising electricity tariffs vs more affordable PV solar panels

Every time you get punched in the gut with yet another increase in electricity tariffs, PV solar panels are becoming more and more affordable!

There has been so much strain placed on families and businesses in the past two years, with the devastation caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, that electricity has in reality become a luxury for many.

Whatever it takes for you to invest in a PV solar system or solar hot water system, you can look forward to paying much less for electricity because you’ll be meeting your energy requirements from solar energy.

Just the addition of a solar hot water system will shave your electricity bill by up to 40%, if not more, helping to alleviate the additional pressure a failing economy has placed on us.

The payback period on PV solar panels

While it may be a real pinch financially to fork out for the installation of solar panels, there’s no doubt about the fact that the savings that begin from day one, go a long way to making the payback period lighter on your pocket than trying to keep up with exorbitant electricity tariffs!

Once your payback period is over you’ll be enjoying absolutely free energy, giving you savings in the long run that’ll make you eternally grateful for the step you took towards investing in a solar system.

The expert team at Renaissance Solar will make it easy for you to work out what kind of payback period you’ll be looking at, depending on the solar system you require.

They will show you how to gain maximum savings on your solar system, and, as mentioned above, they have a variety of financial offerings to cater to your energy requirements.

This also goes for larger installations, where Renaissance Solar has set up several funding models which include no capital layout. This is great inspiration for any homeowner or business owner to switch to solar energy!

Start the journey with Renaissance Solar today!

If you’ve decided to head into 2022 free from Eskom, chat to the down-to-earth team at Renaissance Solar, people who are passionate about seeing every roof in Cape Town playing host to PV solar panel arrays!




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