Affordable PV Solar Systems available at Renaissance Solar in Cape Town

The gross mismanagement and corruption that has become synonymous with Eskom, has led to a future that looks like this, where in just one case that has finally come to court, corruption to the tune of R745m has come to light.

Sadly, this is just one of the multitude of corruption cases against Eskom this year alone, and those it has been involved with over the years. These are the same people that have been responsible for the fact that this power giant with absolute monopoly has held South Africans over a barrel with load shedding that looks set never to end.

In fact, the CEO of Eskom has stated categorically that we can look forward to load shedding for the next 18 months to come, at least! The question here is, are you up for inconvenience and high expenditure (up 30% at least by the April 2022) or neither?

We may not be able to rely on our power supply from this giant, but, we can rely on the fact that the sun will continue to shine eternally, supplying solar-powered homes and businesses with electricity every day of every year, without fail!

We will never be able to recover the excessive electricity tariffs we have been paying over the years, but, by choosing to invest in solar energy, we can be absolutely sure that the returns on an investment like this will be exceptional, and well worth the initial outlay.

If, for instance, it takes you 4 years to repay a solar installation, at the end of those 4 years, you’ll be looking at a future in which the lights will stay on, irrespective of load shedding, and, a future in which Eskom no longer takes food off your table, just to keep the lights on.

Should you decide to start off small, with a solar water heating system, you’ll already be shaving up to 40% off your electricity bill every month, which is money we can all do with in an unstable economy that doesn’t look set to recover for the foreseeable future.

The beauty of starting off this way, is that you can, at a later stage, begin to add more solar panels, should you decide to move even further away from your reliance on the grid, depending on the solar system you choose to upgrade to.

Whether you choose to move off the grid completely or retain a certain amount of reliance on the grid, such as it is, you won’t find a better way of being prepared for a future that’ll see electricity become an unreliable luxury.

At Renaissance Solar in Cape Town, you can rely on a team of experts who go to bat in terms of making solar products affordable, driven by a commitment to excellence and customer service that makes this solar company a pleasure to deal with.

We all know that budgets have been hit very hard, however, if there is any way that makes it possible for you to start lowering what you’re paying for electricity, by exploring your options in terms of solar energy, then this is the team to talk to.

Renaissance Solar is about people, quality solar products and a commitment to service delivery second to none. In over ten years in the industry, with a sterling reputation for after-sales service as well, you’ll be dealing with a team of experts you can rely on for honest advice and down-to-earth guidance.

Contact Renaissance Solar today to break the stranglehold that Eskom has on your wallet, and to find out more about a variety of financial offerings available to meet your needs.


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