Silos development, V & A Waterfront (Start Feb 2012 – June 2013)

  • Various Crystalline waterproofing requirements including construction joints.
  • Post concrete repair to underground fire hydrant tanks.
  • Waterproofing to various areas including parking decks, concrete walls of sumps, pump chambers etc.
  • Intricate and highly specialised sealing around pipe penetrations. These included fire pump pipes leading into the hydrant tanks of 1.5m in width to sealing underside of outlets as a post repair below the planters of the diamond museum as well as in the basement parking etc.
  • Skills: Working knowledge of concrete repair and pipe sealing. Products utilized include wet to dry epoxy adhesives.  This was used for the bonding of new concrete to existing concrete. Utilizing our knowledge base and experience in structural repairs which includes understanding the application of various modified cementitious fibred polymer mortar for concrete repairs.

Swartland Bulk Water Pipeline

Swartland Bulk Water Pipeline (Start Jan 2014 – March 2014)

  • Highly specialised work detail. Technical knowledge of products and correct application was critical. This was in relation to both proper surface preparation and correct procedures followed for drying and curing times between products and the various applications.
  • The timing of the different stages and knowing when surface is suitable for the application of materials was of paramount importance and was a large factor in determining the success or failure of the project. Understanding the concrete matrix was important as various concrete re-pour monitors had to be used when necessary.
  • Careless work and poor workmanship could have had dire consequences as the pipe line was a main artery and water supply to numerous towns.

Civils 2000

Civils 2000 – New BRT Bus Depot

  • Various waterproofing requirments to roof, box gutters, internal and below ground level areas of working pits, lift pits, underground water tanks etc.
  • Materials used was various Penetron Products as well as the Resiflex Pro & Sika Cemflex system and torch down and acrylic membrane,

Midpoint in Hout Bay

Midpoint, Hout Bay (Start Dec 2013 – Nov 2014) The design of effective waterproofing measures for the Midpoint Shopping Centre was an exceptional challenge. The adverse experience of other buildings in Hout Bay have made the engineers, architects, investors and all associated, from the design and planning phase to final project completion, perfectly aware that there could be no margin for error both in design or construction.

  • Various Xypex requirements including site monitoring (both pre-batch, during and post-batching) of concrete pours for the new ground slab.
  • Installation of the Sika Swell Hydrophilic Profile to construction joints of lift pits, wall floor joint around entire perimeters both vertical and horizontal surfaces.
  • Application of Xypex in slurry and dry pack form to seal ferule tie holes, repairs to honeycombed concrete etc.
  • Skill – Critical attention given to record keeping in order to provide a comprehensive guarantee on product used, how it was applied and workmanship involved.

Medburn Road

Medburn Rd, Camps Bay – Eurodec Construction.

Paardevlei – New Clinic

Paardevlei – New Clinic (Start Jan 2014 – Dec 2014)

  • Various Xypex requirements including pre-batch, during and post-batch site monitoring for the application of the Xypex admix. The specialist product application applied to various areas including below ground level structures such as lift pits as well as roof slabs and exposed baling spaces.
  • Application of the Kuniseal C-3DS Hydrophilic profile to outlets before the main concrete pour to construction joint lift pits, roof slabs etc.
  • Skill: Record keeping for the writing up and documentation of concrete pours. Maintaining an awareness of site progress in order to provide an accurate presentation to the client of the comprehensive guarantee at the project completion.

BSE Parking Deck, Boston Bellville

BSE Parking Deck, Boston Bellville

  • Various crystalline waterproofing requirements … the sealing of construction joints on top level slab, lift pits, sump boxes and other below ground level areas
  • Application of the Penebar Hydrophilic profile to outlet and construction joints before the main concrete pour also to lift pits, roof slabs etc.