Midpoint, Hout Bay (Start Dec 2013 – Nov 2014) The design of effective waterproofing measures for the Midpoint Shopping Centre was an exceptional challenge. The adverse experience of other buildings in Hout Bay have made the engineers, architects, investors and all associated, from the design and planning phase to final project completion, perfectly aware that there could be no margin for error both in design or construction.

  • Various Xypex requirements including site monitoring (both pre-batch, during and post-batching) of concrete pours for the new ground slab.
  • Installation of the Sika Swell Hydrophilic Profile to construction joints of lift pits, wall floor joint around entire perimeters both vertical and horizontal surfaces.
  • Application of Xypex in slurry and dry pack form to seal ferule tie holes, repairs to honeycombed concrete etc.
  • Skill – Critical attention given to record keeping in order to provide a comprehensive guarantee on product used, how it was applied and workmanship involved.