PV Solar Panels Pros and Cons?

The inconvenience and resultant losses incurred by South Africans during Eskom load shedding has led to an increased move towards solar energy, and if yours is a roof that doesn’t yet sport PV solar panels, you’re probably asking the question; PV solar panels pros and cons?

No matter how you look at it, there isn’t a better long term investment you could make today than solar power as a renewable, sustainable and reliable source of power independent from an unstable grid.

The huge financial impact brought about by yet another increase in electricity tariffs on 1st April 2022, along with the current round of load shedding, is being felt in every business and every family. No one is immune to the effects of this combined weight on our finances and quality of life.

The only way around this financial burden is to cut your reliance on Eskom as much as is possible, an independence that is only possible by installing PV solar panels, whether to heat water or to keep the lights on and appliances running as they should.

PV solar panels pros and cons?

Let’s start by looking at the cons of solar power and PV solar panels in general:

The initial outlay is a major step

The initial outlay is a major financial step for most people who don’t have ready cash lying around, however, PV solar panels have to be viewed as a long term investment, which comes with a quality product that is designed to last 25 years and more.

You can also start relatively small, such as using your PV solar system purely as a backup you can rely on when load shedding comes around, and from there you can expand the system as your budget allows.

If you choose to work with Renaissance Solar in Cape Town, you’ll find that this team is committed to offering solar water heating systems, Hybrid, Grid Tie and Off Grid solar PV systems, at affordable prices for exceptional quality.

This team works hard to make your budget meet with your solar requirements, with a variety of financial offerings available as well, to make buying a solar PV system that much easier for you.

Solar power depends on the weather

Naturally, because a PV solar system needs the energy from the sun to generate power, cloudy and rainy days will place some limitations on the system. Despite this, even then, there is still energy to be harvested from the sun, which is also where solar batteries come into play, storing energy for the night-time and cold winter months.

You need space for PV solar panels

The best place for PV solar panels is on the roof of your home or business, and since PV solar panels are quite large, if you don’t have the space on your roof for the solar PV system you want, the team at Renaissance Solar will find the best solution for mounting the solar panels in your yard or elsewhere on your property.

The pros of solar panels and solar PV systems

Solar energy is cost-effective in the long term

Irrespective of whether you’ll opt to rely on PV solar panels completely or merely as back-up power, you will realise the long-term cost-effectiveness of solar power before too long. 

The size of your savings will depend on the size of your PV solar system, but save you will, especially in light of extremely high electricity tariffs that are just going to keep increasing.

PV solar systems are low-maintenance

With few moving parts, a PV solar system offers you fantastic returns with very little in terms of maintenance. At most, you may need to clean the solar panels a few times a year, but that’ll be about it.

You can also look forward to superb backup service from the team at Renaissance Solar, along with the guarantees and warranties that come with their SABS-approved PV solar panels.

Solar power equals the sustainable energy option

With the amount of sunshine in South Africa, solar power is the choice to make if you’re looking at a sustainable energy option today. Testimony to this is the increase in solar panels installed every day in Cape Town!

Contact Renaissance Solar today to find out more about the advantages of a PV solar system or high quality affordable solar water heating systems!



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