How do solar water heating panels work

For those of us who aren’t technically minded, especially in terms of solar energy, asking the question; how do solar water heating panels work, is a fundamental question to start with, when considering switching to a solar water heating system.

When Renaissance Solar was founded in 2009, this team was determined to provide affordable solar water heating systems, and, considering that back then solar panels were a lot more expensive than they are today, you can rely on this team to offer even more affordable solar panels and other solar products today.

How do solar water heating panels work

At its simplest and most basic level, solar panels covert sunlight into heat, which is then collected by a thermal collector to give you hot water, directly from the sun.

This is free hot water for life once you’ve reached the final stage of the payback period of your investment, and, considering that electricity just keeps getting more expensive, it’s a no brainer that there’ll soon be a solar water heating system in every home and business in South Africa!

Solar water heating systems (SWH) can be used for many applications, such as for commercial, residential, industrial and agricultural use, to name but a few of the ways in which both private and business life can be positively impacted by the installation of a SWH system.

Solar water heating systems and solar geysers are available in a wide variety of configurations designed to meet every requirement a Renaissance Solar client may have.

What does a solar water heating system consist of?

Again, sticking to the absolute basics, a SWH system consists of a geyser and a panel, the size of each will depend on your requirements for hot water.  

Cut down on electricity bills

As a first step towards solar energy, investing in a solar water heating system will cut your electricity bill by at least 40%, and you’ll be looking at a system that’ll last for many years, without needing constant maintenance, especially when you choose Renaissance Solar quality!

If you’re passionate about caring for our environment, you’ll also be doing your bit to help out Mother Nature, which should be as precious to us as the sun is.

If you take into account how rapidly solar water heating technology is advancing and, due to these technological advances, the savings that you’re looking at, it’s easy to see the far reaching financial benefits attached to changing to solar products like SWH systems.

Consult the experts in solar water heating systems in Cape Town

We need experts like the team at Renaissance Solar to help us to work out the perfect solution to suit our hot water requirements, and to get the most out of your budget.

The team at Renaissance Solar is passionate about harnessing energy from the sun and, in their commitment to spread its power they put their clients first, bringing you a team that really cares about offering you quality solar products at affordable prices.

Contact the team today to get the easy rundown on how solar water heating systems really work and you’ll meet people you can rely on to be transparent, and to offer you service excellence long after your installation!

Go for it…there are further Eskom tariff increases on the way!




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