Click here to read the City of Cape Town’s Advisory regarding safety of Solar Water Heaters during low water pressure scenarios: SWH advisory re water pressure for ASPs

The Eskom Solar Hot Water rebate scheme is no more. However, your savings are still huge – the payback is just a little longer.

Geyser Timer

The Geyserwise Timer is an energy saving device that is attached to the electrical element of a geyser and provides:

    • A digital thermostat control
    • Convenient digital display of geyser temperature
    • Real time clock
    • Quick water temperature control between set levels
    • High temperature cut off at 85ºC
    • Digital water temperature reading and setting. 4 settings per day
    • Four daily programmable time settings: Monday to Friday, Saturday and Sunday
    • Element failure detection
    • Power off memory timer
    • Battery backup for power failures