City of Cape Town

We are one of only twelve solar hot water installation companies accredited to the City of Cape Town.  We have met the rigorous criteria so you can be assured of an excellent installation and service.


The Eskom Solar Hot Water rebate scheme is no more. However, your savings are still huge – the payback is just a little longer.

Geyser Timer

The Geyserwise Timer is an energy saving device that is attached to the electrical element of a geyser and provides:

    • A digital thermostat control
    • Convenient digital display of geyser temperature
    • Real time clock
    • Quick water temperature control between set levels
    • High temperature cut off at 85ºC
    • Digital water temperature reading and setting. 4 settings per day
    • Four daily programmable time settings: Monday to Friday, Saturday and Sunday
    • Element failure detection
    • Power off memory timer
    • Battery backup for power failures